Study Progress Report

It has now been almost a full four weeks since I signed up for my correspondence study course. Since it took a few days to get the first package, it is probably really three weeks. As such I wanted to do a little update on how things are going and how I have found the process to date.

The Course Format

The course which I choose (Dipolma of Journalism: Travel Writing and Photography) is split into 12 tutorials. Each tutorial is made up of a workbook and an assignment. In addition to this a textbook was provided which was Lonely Planet’s guide to Travel Photography.

Each tutorial is relatively easy to work through, as the topics are clearly set out. The reading is fairly easy going, nothing to out there so even for those who have not studied thinking that they will have to work through some 1000 page text book, should not find this type of course an issue.

Where I Am At

To date I am not doing as well as I was hoping I would. My initial goal was to look at being through tutorial 4 or 5 by now. However it has turned out, that through whatever circumstances I am just starting on tutorial 3.

Ultimately on excuse I have been using in my mind comes down to working more then I had expected. However I know this is more an excuse in my mind as I could have made the time to get through more had I wanted to. With just two and a half weeks until I go away, I will be looking to increase my progress a little before I leave, ideally getting through to tutorial 8 would be an ideal place for me. While I am happy to take along some of the tutorial’s to work on while traveling, I don’t want to carry to many and do not want to be spending all my time overseas working on them.

Problems I Have Found

There are really two primary issues that I have found with the whole course so far. While neither are a big issue, for me they have both impacted a little on my overall experience to date.

  1. Applying myself to the assignments in the context of what is requested, is hampering my speed a little. My general method of writing is what inspires me, which is not usually a problem. However in this case when asked to write maybe on a open topic but to a specific purpose, I sometimes have an issue connecting what I am inspired to write to the same format as what is requested. I suppose this is more something I have to work through and find ways to work around.
  2. There is a section of the course which relates to technology and equipment, which you may need. I have found this to be horribly out of date. I can understand when it comes to computers and camera’s that maybe 1-2 years might be acceptable. However when some of the information is from my view potentially 4 or 5 years out of date, it really is a bit much. This being said, it is a very small part of the overall course, and really the majority of people will be able to complete the course without this limiting them in anyway.

For me both points are fairly small, as number 1 is something that I need to work on myself and not something that a course will be able to fix. As for number 2 I would like to think that the college is planning to update the course soon, however the basic premise of the information provided is still valid.

Are You Working On Your Own Knowledge
It really is never to late to add some more knowledge or a new skill to the set you already hold. If you are anything like me you will most likely be looking to do so without all the drawn out process of an actual physical class, in which you may take months if not years from beginning to qualification. So consider taking the correspondence route.

Australian College QED Courses

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