Time To Study Again

Some people know that I never finished High School. Now I suppose everyone will know. But I never started the last year of high school. While there are a number of different reason for why, at this point now none of them are really that important.

Even though the last time I attended school or really even studied was in the year 2000, I have not fund that it has been in anyway a disadvantage. While all the jobs that I have held have been far from glamorous or overly great, they have all served their purpose. Consequently at no point has my level of education been in anyway an issue when applying for an getting the jobs I have had.

While I do not see a problem with Education in quite a range of industries, especially some such as Doctors, Lawyers, and a range of other similar professions, where a command of the background of the profession and associated information is not just required, but a definite advantage. There is just as many professions though which while some form of education may be helpful, in reality it is something that can be done by any one for the most part on the job training.

In my opinion, to a large degree it depends on the person. However If you took for example two people in the same field. One of these people had spent 3 years of study at university. While the other had spent 1 year learning on the job. Both would have a fairly good command of what is required of them within that role. And in fact I believe in many cases the person who spent 1 year hands on would be ahead of the university student.

Now this is not to say that university is not important. Because in some ways I see it as being very important. However for a majority of people I believe that it is far from the ideal method in which they gain and retain information. If you are not aligned with learning in the way which university teaches, while you may pass your course, you will not necessarily be fully prepared for taking a job in that industry.

All my believes aside though, for me the only way I find that I can learn and actually be motivated to keep going, is to take the fast track approach. The approach where from beginning to end is a short, quick fire, get it done approach. The approach where the total study is solid and packed into 1 to 2 months, works for me, as opposed to that same amount of study to be spread out over say 12 months or more.

As such rather then the more common further study options of heading for university or signing up to do a class in a class room. I have opted to go for the Correspondence option. While traditionally I have had issues with being motivated and getting things done. I think the key point for me is going to be one having a deadline, and second choosing a course that really does actually interest me.

To make this choice, it did not take a lot of searching and I believe it was actually my mum who found the course for me. It is a course that really fits in well with the direction that I have chosen to move my life in the past 3 or 4 months. The Course is a Diploma of Journalism (Travel Writing and Photography) with Australian College QED. At this point I am but a day or two into the time frame I am working with, and working on the first module. So I will really need to spend a little more time on the course before I can really say a lot either way on the course.

This is going to be an interesting step for me, as I really do not know how I will handle the course, however as I said the key points are that the course is of interest to me, can be immediately applied while I am traveling and is ultimately something I feel motivated to work through. This is I think the key points that can help to speed along the pace of study when you have not studied in a while.

If you to want to take a step in the right direction with a course via correspondence, you can check out the below banner.

Australian College QED Courses

(If you purchase via this link, I will receive an affiliate commission)

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