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Day 1 – USA 2011

Good morning from the other side of the pacific. I arrived in Los Angles around 6am local time, which put it at a little over 12.5 hours flight time. I didn’t get any sleep on the flight, and I am feeling pretty good. Next stop is Seattle. Flying V Australia Having never flown with one […]

Study Progress Report

It has now been almost a full four weeks since I signed up for my correspondence study course. Since it took a few days to get the first package, it is probably really three weeks. As such I wanted to do a little update on how things are going and how I have found the […]

Learning a Language: Spanish

Finally the time has come that I figured, learning another language will more more then a little useful. It will greatly enhance my travel experience especially in countries that do not have English high on their list of languages spoken fluently. I mean in most countries if you have to you can get by with […]