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In life the one thing that many people work towards achieving is a greater degree of success. One of the most important aspects of working towards having more success in your life, is to create an environment that is conducive to success.

There are many different ways that factors within your environment impact your ability to succeed and your chances of achieving success. Specifically there are three main area’s which I want to explore with you today which I believe will have the greatest impact on your success. The three area’s specially cover, People, Influences, and Surroundings. Taking a look at each area individually, and the different aspects of each I hope will help you to create a more success focused environment.


Every day we come into contact with a range of different people, some we know and some we don’t know. All of the people we come into contact with every day though impact us in some way. They can have a big impact on the speed and way in which our potential success grows. Simply it comes down to successful people can help us succeed while unsuccessful people may keep us stuck where we are.

This need not be an all or nothing area of your life though, just because someone is unsuccessful does not mean that they should be removed from your life completely. Whether people are successful or not they all serve a purpose in your life, and each connection with a person should be evaluated based on what need in your life they fulfil.

Successful People

Having other people who are successful around you is one of the steps to take towards creating an environment conducive to success. One of the most common statements I have seen in regards to connecting with successful people, is along the lines of "If you want to be a millionaire, than associate with other millionaires". While I do not disagree that this would be beneficial, I also believe that it might be a little bit to broad.

You need to be more specific, what is the point in associating with a millionaire in retail if you want to become a millionaire trading shares. While some of the core aspects of being a millionaire may overlap, ultimately you may not really be that compatible.

So my suggestion is that you might like to try looking for and associating with people that match on multiple fronts. So look for people who are what you want to become. So if you want to be a Millionaire, making money from trading shares, while travelling the globe. Then ideally you want to be looking for people who do this to associate with.


Just because you want to be successful does not mean that you need to disconnect from everyone else, and only focus on creating associations with successful people. You need to be aware of and work on fulfilling all of your needs. At different times this is going to mean different things. Which really you should be the best person to be able to figure out what this means to you.

So while you may be looking to fill your life with only people that are successful and who will help to build your own success. Don’t forget that you still need to pay attention to people in other area’s of your life.


You will find that influences can come from many different places. At times it can be somewhat difficult to identify just what all the different influences can be. And at time it can be even more difficult to work out just how to get through these influences and make changes.

Where do they come from

Influences can come from many different places. Some of the most common influences though might include, the media – TV, newspapers and magazines, books, music, the internet, family, friends, work colleagues, advertising and many more.

Modifying your Influences

If you are looking to make changes in your life and create more success, then you are very likely going to need to make changes in your influences. Really if your current influences are not creating success in your life, then how is maintaining your current influences going to change your result. Changing your influences can change many things in your life, it really comes down to identifying which changes are going to be the most beneficial for you in creating your success environment. Some of the changes you may be able to make could include

Making some of these changes is not going to be easy, an ultimately at some point it is going to come down to choice for you. Do you choose to make the change or do you choose to continue on the path you are already following. Choosing to make a change does not have to be a all or nothing decision though. If you make a small change every month or every week, by the end of the year you will have made a large collective change.

Just be aware of your Influences

One of the best ways to deal with your influences, can be to just be aware of what they are. What influences, are coming from where and how they are affecting you. Even just knowing what they are and where they are coming from can be a very powerful position, as opposed to just fiddling your way through and wondering why you make the decisions you do, and how you come to be in the situations you are.


Potentially the easiest place to make a change, which does not require a lot of effort straight away is your surroundings. While there are potentially fairly deep changes which could be made here, there are ways which you can make changes which will not seem like such a huge change but will get you moving in the right direction much quicker. Which is one of the most important first steps just getting some motion in the direction you need to go.

Some aspects of your surroundings are a part of the previous two topics, so it is quite important to take all three area’s into account. For example something like the music you listen to will be an influence, but it is also part of your surroundings. So if you listen to music that is slow,  sad and negative, it will potentially keep you in a down mood, where as if you were to change this music for something a little faster, more upbeat and positive, it will help to raise your mood.

Another aspect of your surroundings if the colours, which will be something that is entirely dependent upon your own specific feelings towards particular colours. However dark colours can often bring your mood down, while light or bright colours can bring your mood up. Most colours will have different ways that they will work to change your feelings, moods and such. Along with meanings in different ways such as to do with Chakra’s, healing, and other natural therapies, however this is a little beyond the scope of this post.

You can also help to change your surroundings with things like posters, that are inspirational. Calenders, and a range of other small products, like desk planners, hanging quotes around your office or places you spend a lot of time. Along with similar small tokens, which can help to remind you of your potential, and the success you are trying to create for yourself.


Every part of your environment will to some degree impact your ultimate success. Whether it is the people who you surround yourself with and associate with, the influences that guide your life and the way you live, or just your visual and immediate surroundings. While the entirety of your environment will in some ways affect you, there can also be great steps to be gained from just small changes in your environment as well.

The most important step in making changes to create your better aligned success environment is having the courage to make a change. Being willing to step into the unknown and try listening to different music, read a different book to what you are use to, connect with new people who are not within your regular network, and just be willing to do what it takes to make a change.

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