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As it stands at this point in time I know that I am between life cycles. As I discussed recently in a post by the name Life Cycles, I currently have found myself at the end of my Career Lifecycle, and really do not know what the future life cycles I am going to enter is.

Even with this not knowing what my future life cycle will be there are two things that I know. The future will involve travel, and will involve working on alternative income models. As you will see by my two major focuses for 2011. When you see my four minor focuses, these all link in together to form not just a strong focus for the following year, but quite an interesting one as well.


Late in 2010, I did a mini world Tour. Stopping in places like Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Toronto, London and Hong Kong. (You can read about this at www.joelbrown.com.au). As a result of this trip, I feel that there is a lot more of the world that I would like to see. A world trip in 5 weeks, really does not do anywhere justice, so I really figure I need to see the rest.

So basically the focus of Travel, ultimately results in immersing myself in travel. From March, I will be on one single trip, see a bit of Asia, Europe, North America, and New Zealand. At this point while I have a start date in March, I do not have a fixed time that I expect to arrive back in Australia. And to be honest I do not even know what the specific order of things will be.

All that I know at this point is that I want to make the most of seeing as many amazing places in the world as I can. There are a few other things that will come as a side affect of this, which will make up a number of smaller minor focus area’s in the coming year.


In conjunction with travelling being able to pay for and support a travelling lifestyle is something that will require some focus this year. In terms of what this will actually be is still not entirely a sure thing for me, however it is an area which I am sure will come to take on some fairly interesting twists and no matter what I might guess at here, I am sure it will take on a form pretty much unexpected.

While I do have some current savings and investments, I am sure this will disappear fairly quickly without something to replace it. I do have some ideas of what I would like to fill this gap, which include earnings from this blog and my other websites, however this would not even buy a single meal a month at this point. Other area’s that potentially will be creation of books and eBooks, and other products, some derived from my photography and then some from other areas.

All in all the earning part of the year is I think going to become much more efficient, and allow me to earn a more diverse income from many different sources. All being well, I do expect to increase my income this year, while earning less based on how many hours I work.


When you are living in a non started lifestyle, eg. Travelling for a large part of the year, keeping an eye on your finances, is a very important part of life. Where you might go on a short holiday and be open to spending a little more for luxury in the form of a hotel, or eating out, or even in how you get around.

When you are travelling long term I think that it is important to maintain a budget. So this year this is going to be one of my important things to watch, is how much I am spending and looking to minimize these costs as much as possible. This however will be one of the ongoing challenges, firstly knowing just how much to budget for different countries, and then being able to stick to these budgets.

So this also works in with looking at ways to save money as well. Being able to get better rates on hotel rooms, ensuring the flights that I am taking are the best value, along with meals not eating at restaurants all the time, and cooking myself where feasible and possible.


In the past, I have had a fairly closed group of friends, and have not really gone out of my way to make connect with other people. This is something that I would like to change.

While on my overseas trip last year I did create a lot of new connections with people that I met at Conscious Growth Workshop. And these connections are spattered all over the world. There is still a lot of places that I want to visit where I will not know anyone, so working on being able to connect with people and create new friendships is going to be an important part of the coming year.


While I have this here as a minor focus, photography is one of the biggest parts of my travel. What is the point in visiting places if you cannot capture what you see with photo’s.

What I would like to achieve this year with my photography though is some sort of income. Whether that is from actually selling something like, stock photo’s, books, calendars, prints or anything else that might come to mind. The last thing I want to do though is go throwing as many different options out there, so at some point in the coming year I will get onto setting up some site for my photography which will help me to understand what people might want and work on this from that point.


This kind of goes hand in hand with a part of what I want to achieve in both my Photography and the ability to earn an income on the road.

The main area of focus in product creation though will be creating products of value that people actually want to buy. Personally I do not see the point in creating something to sell, if people are not going to want to buy it. Just how to do this is something that I am going to have to explore, which while maybe this will be a decent learning curve it is something I am willing to devote some time to.


I think that for the most part two major and four minor focus is really about all that I can handle in one year. At least if I am going to be on the road for a majority of the year. It can be difficult to divide your focus between to many different area’s. But the two main focuses Travel and Earning, are important in defining what I am doing and how I will support myself.

I am sure that throughout the year these focus area’s will lead me to some other unexpected, destinations, however that is part of the experience of life, not really knowing what will happen. Or where thins might end up. Which is really an overall focus that covers all of these area’s just being able to fully experience a different way of life, to the normal everyday go to work, eat your meals and sleep.

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