Productivity Parties

It was early evening, on Sunday January 2nd, and a message pops up from Alex G. asking if I would like to be part of a productivity party. Of course I had some inkling of what this may be, but still asked the question “What is a Productivity Party?” more so just to clarify what I was about to get myself into.

The answer that came back was pretty much as expected. It is basically a set amount of time to get accountable and productive. The best part about it was that it is a really simple idea, Alex has come up with, and all you need to do is answer three simple questions and get into the party.

Question 1 – What do you want to Achieve?

Question 2 – How long should the party last?

Question 3 – Is the task something you can chat or bounce ideas with the other participants while working?

Really three fairly simple question which get you into getting something done. There are really two benefits to a productivity party as well.

1 – You become accountable to achieve something. How would you feel if you got to the end of the time you had set with someone to work on something specific and have to say, I got nothing done. The funny thing is that many people don’t mind disappointing themselves, however when it comes to someone they look up to, it becomes a lot harder to disappoint.

2 – You get productive. As long as you stay within the whole idea of the productivity party and don’t answer the questions then just don’t follow through, you are going to get at least something done. Even if it is just writing an extra paragraph of a post, or getting some extra graphics done for your website.

I know it works or you would not have seen the post “The Lessons I learned in 2010” at least not for another week anyway. It was just at the right time after I had pretty much procrastinated leaving it until later that Alex proposed the idea of the Productivity party.

Earlier in the Afternoon on Sunday I was all ready to write the post while at the coffee shop, I had written out notes for the post and it was my only todo item while out. Just one problem, I forgot to take the notes with me. While there are some times that I can write a post without notes. Such as this post. There are many other times that I really need to take some notes and refer back to them as I am writing.

So this really was good timing for me, I had an hour to spare. I needed to write the post. And I made use of this time to get the post done. So if you have the time and you know someone you can set up a productivity party with, give it a go. Worst case you might get a little bit extra done.

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