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2011 Focus

As it stands at this point in time I know that I am between life cycles. As I discussed recently in a post by the name Life Cycles, I currently have found myself at the end of my Career Lifecycle, and really do not know what the future life cycles I am going to enter […]

Life Cycles

The end of December saw a few milestones. As it does every year it saw the end of the year, my birthday was another, and this year in particular saw in a new decade. This caught my attention in a simple realization, of just how your life and everything you do in your life works […]

Productivity Parties

It was early evening, on Sunday January 2nd, and a message pops up from Alex G. asking if I would like to be part of a productivity party. Of course I had some inkling of what this may be, but still asked the question “What is a Productivity Party?” more so just to clarify what […]