Ordinarily, the title of the post today would in my terms relate to a bunch of things that I want to tell you about. However today it is going to be a little different, the topic today is all the stuff that comes into your life int he form of things. Things that are often much less a requirement to have then you may have thought they are.

When you get specific on what stuff is, it really can be anything. Anything like, books, cd’s, dvd’s, papers, printers, computers, cards, papers, letters, boxes. Literally anything that you can go and buy, get given, receive or any other way that anything you own comes into your life.

I have really come to the realization in the last week that so much of what I thought I owned for a reason is stuff that I just do not need. While some of it have and will keep because it is useful, there is a lot of it that at the same time I have bought for whatever reason and just do not use, do not need or do not want. It for the most part comes down I think to a fact that I have worked to fill the space that I have had available to me, and this is no longer how I want to live my life.

In the near future I want to do considerably more international travel, and to be honest I do not want to be leaving box loads of things at home that I do not need. I would much prefer to work on ways to sell them, or get rid of them, or just do something so that they are not there. So there are a few different things that I am going to do to get rid of this Stuff that I do not need anymore.

1. Ebay – There is a lot of items that I have which do have some value, probably more value to others then to me. As the view that I have on things, with only a few exceptions is once I own it, the dollar figure that I paid for it is not its true value any more. It’s value is only what I can make use of it for. So I have a lot of things I might have paid anything from $20-$300 that I have sitting around which I do not need and do not want and they are going to go onto Ebay. What I will price this stuff at is a whole other point at this moment, however something I will look at very soon.

2. Scrap Metal – I have a lot of old computers and such sitting around, many of them in heavy steel cases. So something I will try and may not make a lot of money from is taking the metal to the scrap yard. This may get me a few dollars, but more importantly it gets rid of computer cases which tend to take up a large amount of space. All of these computers are generally in bits or don’t have any use to me so will strip them down and may get rid of the rest of the parts on ebay, that is if anyone wants them.

3. Donate – At some point there is always going to be some stuff that you have that you do not want, and that it is going to take more time it is worth to try and sell. Of which I am sure I have my fair share. So it is going to be off to the donation bins for this stuff.

So it is time to get rid of this stuff, and make a little money while doing so. But most importantly I think that I have already made one of the bigger steps to help avoid this becoming a problem again. When I went to the shops just the other day I was walking along looking at the stores and kind of looking and thinking why am I even here I cannot think of anything I need to buy.

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