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Wow, I did not realize that it has been almost a week since I first posted about making walking part of the fitness program that I am working on. While it had taken some time settling on just which program I was going to use, it seemed like the most natural option. Today I just want to explore a couple of the benefits, challenges and things I have come across in regards to this program.


To be honest I have not been 100% on track and walking every day. While I don’t like to make excuses, there have been factors which have made it difficult. Two days last week I missed my walk, once due to a dentist appointment, and the other because of a business appointment. Both days I could have walked however it would have been after dark, which I would prefer not to be walking after dark.

Otherwise, while I have varied the route a little, I am keeping on a 4 – 6 km walk most days. One thing that I am going to have to keep an eye on as well, is missing the walk for silly little reasons, like today, I went to bed about 2 hours late, which left me without sufficient time to go walking this morning. I need to be getting to bed by 11pm, so I can be up at 6am for a walk.


To be honest it is hard to link the benefits I have been finding of late directly to the walking, however I am sure that it is absolutely helping to some extent. Over the past week I have been seeing some small drops in weight, which is the primary aim of this fitness program, However it is also to build on my fitness. I do believe that doing the walking is building towards improving my fitness, to what extent is still to be seen, and how to specifically measure the changes.

While not really a benefit as such, I am noticing to a large degree that I am not so much limited by to much in this walking. I can maintain a fairly even pace over varying distances, over 5 or 7 km I can still average 6km/hr, which is above the average walking speed.

The final part in regards to benefits, is I do attempt to make sure the walking paths that I choose to take are going to have me walking between 45 minutes and an hour, in an attempt to ensure that I gain at least some benefit from these walks. As while there is some variation in recommended time between 30 and 40 minutes, i figure keeping it above both of these times should provide at least the minimal benefits.


Potentially the biggest challenge that I am facing now almost two weeks into my walking is that I am finding my lower legs and shins still are getting a bit sore not to far into the walk. I work through this and find that it is fairly successful so far. I start to feel this about 500M in and often find it is starting to lessen around the 2.5-3.0km mark. I am hoping that the longer I am walking for in terms of days the less this will be a problem. Although I suppose only time will tell.

Other then this I am not finding that there are to many challenges in walking. It is a natural part of being a human, to walk, and as such I am trying to make use of this.

It is not so much a challenge, rather more a time issue is that I find it at some points difficult to fit it all in. Primarily for two reasons. The first is that I prefer not walking at night, there is only limited lighting, less people around, and all the footpaths are far from ideal for walking when the lighting is not great. The other thing that leads to this problem is the fact that between work and other commitments that come up, such as business and medical appointments and such.


Walking I think can be a great way to stay fit and get yourself on a good track to achieve some of your health goals. The biggest issue is just being able to maintain a regular walking schedule, missing an odd day or two is not going to be the end of the world as long as you can get back into the rhythm, the next day. I will be keeping up with this and hopefully with avoiding the wrong type of foods can achieve the goals that I am looking at.

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