After quite some time looking at all the different options when it comes to exercise and fitness. While there were a few options i mentioned here previously along with quite a number of other options which I explored and looked at, I come to the conclusion at this point that Walking is most likely going to be the best and most useful option for me.

Walking to me gives two advantages in what I am looking for in fitness. The first is that it should I imagine help to build strength in my legs. The second is that it should help to burn some of the fat that I have built up off. The only thing that I am not sure on here is if it will burn it in the right places, this I suppose is something that I can just wait and see.


I have been keeping track of my paces over the past month already with a stepper on my waist. While this has shown me that I am already averaging over the 10,000 steps per day, with only about 3 or 4 days coming in under the 10,000 step benchmark.

For the most part it comes down to two different types of days that I have. The first is work days, I can achieve 10,000 steps on these days without even really trying as my job requires me to be on my feet quite a lot. In fact I often achieve 11-12,000 steps on these days. The other is weekend days. On weekend days I find it much more of a struggle. The worst day in the last month was a weekend day that I did not leave the house, and did only 4,000 steps.

To try and bring all of this into balance I have worked out I need to specifically do some walking. Which is just what I started doing in the last few days. The last few days have been work days so not a lot of a problem, in the afternoon, I have done a 4 to 5 km walk. With this walking I have been averaging 18-19,000 steps. What this walk will help me to achieve I hope is the make 10,000 steps a day not a challenge, but rather a benchmark. Taking the guess work out of just what I need to do to actually see some benefit from this walking.

So far it seems that a walk of about 5km, works out to about 6,000 steps for me, and takes about 45 minutes. Varying one of the routes which I took in the last three days would make the whole walk about 6.3km and should come in just on the hour. I imagine this would bring me up to about 7,500 steps. Which is about where I want to be, as this will almost certainly get me over that 10,000 steps without thinking.

I will be doing some updates on what I find from my walking and I would like to hear any suggestions from others on how to best keep track of how the walking is improving my fitness and what benefits I may expect to see.

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