Some Exercise Options

Earlier this week I put the two exercise programs on hold that I had been working on for a little over 2 weeks. The two programs cover pushups and squats, working towards being able to a certain number consecutively. These were not bad programs, so i will be including them below, I just do not think that in their native form or possibly even being undertaken at the same time is the ideal way to get results.

What I want to look at today is not the good and bad points of any program, or even how I would use or change the program to work better for me. I want to purely look at a few programs that are out there, the time frame that they require, and what the expected outcome is likely to be. So lets take a look at some program’s

(Note – before getting started in any fitness program always consult a doctor to ensure you are suitably fit to undertake the program.)

1. one hundred push ups – This is a six week program designed to help you build your strength while working towards the goal of being able to perform one hundred consecutive good form push ups. The work out is designed for three times per week, increasing the number of push up’s per repetition gradually every workout. There are three levels which can help you get started in a zone which you are comfortable with, and gradually build up your workout.

2. Beginner Walking Program – This is a twelve week program designed for beginners, to get started with walking, more frequently, and for a more sustainable period. The specific goal of the program is to go from no walking to being bale to walk 60 minutes in a session. The site gives you stretches to get started, and a plan for how much time to walk each day over a 12 week period. It may be a really basic and simple program, however should help anyone starting from scratch.

3. two hundred squats – This is a sex week program designed to help you build your leg strength while working towards the goal of being able to perform two hundred consecutive squats. Just like the push ups program above this is a series of three works outs per week, where you build towards the goal of 200 consecutive squats. Again with three different levels for you to work at the level you are comfortable with, and gradually build your up your work out.

I am still looking for some more options. I would prefer something that does not require going to the gym, not because I have anything against working out in the gym. More because I believe it is entirely possible to do an effective work out without needing to go to a gym. So if you know of any good workout plans, for straight forward options like those above, please let me know in the comments below.

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