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Two and a half weeks ago, I started on two different fitness challenges concurrently. While I was succeeding with both of them to varying degrees, I have decided to put them both on hold for a little while and reevaluate which if either I will continue with or if there may be a better alternative available. As part of the new focus I have put into my blogs, this is something that I will look to explore here on the blog. But first why I am putting these on hold.

The two different fitness challenge’s I started on were 6 week programs. The first was to achieve 100 consecutive pushup’s in a final test. The second was to achieve 200 consecutive squats in a final test. Along the way each program had 5 sets of varying number either pushups or squats, for three days per week. While I am putting both fitness challenges on hold for the moment, It is not because I was really failing at either, I had some good results in both. A quick look at where I started and where I got to though will show what can be achieved in two weeks.

PUSHUP’S FITNESS CHALLENGE (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Before starting their was a need to do a exhaustion test. This test was to gauge what your ability was when you started. In doing this test I was able to do three consecutive push-ups. Not proud to say that, I was kind of hoping to be able to do a few more then this.

Straight away you get to see an improvement though, starting on the first level, on Day 1 you do a total of 12 puchup’s at least, in 5 different sets. So not quite consecutive, however it starts to get you thinking I can do more then what I could, even though you are only still doing 2 or 3 consecutively, it shows continual improvement over the coming days.

After two weeks, I end up repeating week 1 twice, and first day of week 3, moved onto the second week. Which brings me to the point where I can actually do 6 consecutive pushup’s, a 100% increase over 2 weeks ago. The reason for putting this on hold though was not so much the fact it was going slowly. It was more due to the potential thought I was over doing things following both challenges at the same time.

SQUATS FITNESS CHALLENGE (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Before starting I did an exhaustion test, just like the Push-ups. This test while gauging your ability at the beginning also sets the level you work on the program at. With this test I was able to do 20 consecutive squats, which set me to start on level 2. I was a little more satisfied with my efforts here then in the pushup’s, but still a long way short of the goal.

Again on Day 1 you see a build in the number of squats you are doing, while it is not consecutive it does give you motivation to keep moving on. Day 1 saw me achieve a total of 47, with 21 consecutive, slow growth is better then no growth I have found.

After 2 and a half weeks, I was still progressing in line with the program. On the last day I did the sets, I achieved 30 consecutive squats. This is still an increase of 50% on my previous level I achieved. Again the reason for putting this on hold is not due to the speed I was progressing, as I was progressing in line with the program. This was more due to not in my opinion leaving myself enough recovery time between workouts, even though this was a different set of muscles to the pushups, I was still not quite recovered two days later.


This is by far not the end of my fitness work, I will be looking at how I may be able to better work with this challenge, to either achieve it or use it to help in my fitness building. Or I will be looking at other options which may work more in my favor.

I really want to look at getting into some other form of exercise sooner rather then later. However there will be some key elements which I will be looking at more closely in any other plan. These will include, working out what my recovery time needs to be, between workouts. Looking at my ability to move up the steps of any program at the pace they suggest. But most importantly ensuring that the program will achieve an outcome that I am looking for. In reality all these things will not be immediately apparent in any program, and I believe it will take some looking to find the right program, and even then may require some modification, but it is all part of the learning and personal growth which I am looking for.

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