Creating Focus

For some time now you may have noticed that the level of content I have been sharing is quite low. To be completely honest it is due to a lack of motivation on my part. I have found it difficult to pinpoint a subject and then to actually narrow it down to a suitable post length piece and to write it.

This is not to say that I have not been writing. I have written a number of fairly long articles, however, really posting them as posts would be unrealistic, they would more be a series of sorts. This though requires time to break down, which is again something I have not allocated beyond the writing. A lot of this time has been more so allocated to some planning and exploring options for the next 6 to 12 months.

What this planning has led to me realizing, is basically the separation between my blogs is unclear. I have multiple different blogs that the one post could be posted on. I also have to some extent overlapping content on one and another. What this could use is a little bit of a clearer focus. In other words, getting a more definite idea of what content can be found on which blog, and a minimal amount of overlap between blogs. This is really where this refined focus will begin.

In total I have five websites which will be covered by this clearer focus, and hopefully this change will help me to get more on topic with these sites. Meaning I can get more quality posts, out there for you to read. So here is the focus and the topics you will be able to find on which sites of mine. – This is the place where I will be sharing anything I find interesting in relation to Social Media, since I started this site that has been it’s focus, however I have in the past posted more then a little on this blog relating to social media. – Environment and Sustainability are fairly important topics at the moment, I do have some of my own views and this is where you will find them. Still a fairly small site, I am looking at some interesting topics to discuss in the neat future. – This is going to become the new home of any writing I do in regards to business topics. For some time this blog ( has been partially that home. However I wanted to move the business subjects to another site and this is the perfect fit. – In creating the version of my personal site I have been a little more deliberate in the range of the topics. The first topic I added here was about my Travels, which is going to be a primary focus of this site. The second topic I just recently added was Photography, which in many ways links in with my travels very tightly. I may look to add another one or two topics at most here, however they will be topics that are very much part of my life on going. – Finally this blog. The focus here will be entirely on Personal Development, and personal challenges. While I will leave the content here that is here, I will be moving the focus. This is still quite a wide area to cover here. There will be a range of subtopics covered within personal development, however they will come up as they come up so following along on the blog will I expect be quite interesting, considering some of the ideas I have.

These are going to be five quite different sites, and while it may seem like quite a lot of variety, these are all topics of interest to me. Whether I was sharing on the blog or not I would still be reading and learning about this topics, so I may as well share what I learn and my perspective with everyone.

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I love the fact that you figured the website thing out 🙂 But aren’t all those blogs to many work, even for a full time selfemployed guy? 🙂 Are alle those websites your real real passion? 🙂

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