Attention Grabber Sales Headlines

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ability of make money/get rich headlines to grab my attention. While I am not going to be the one suckered into some high priced scam, these headlines almost always grab my attention in some way. However very very few manage to hold my attention for very long at all.

The primary reason, I have figured that these headlines catch my attention at least, is the hope that they may just one day provide a practical and useful solution. Not so much to gaining super wealth quickly, but more to at least giving some good ideas on a place to start. So far the vast majority of products that I have read the sales letter for, fail to ignite any hope what so ever. However I must admit any smart person is going to be far from divulging the secrets contained within their product in the sales letter.

The first thing that is an absolute requirement in this letters is to maintain my attention. There are very few that I come across that can hold my attention beyond the first sentence or two. This is because the first line or two often include some very far out claim, things like make $100,000 in 30 days, or more often some really odd amount. While yes I am sure that there is likely some research behind the impact these sort of headlines have, but seriously for me I have seen so many that are more fluff then anything else.

The reality is that how many people want something that even at a stretch is going to gain them a huge income potentially for one month, but is then just as likely to disappear, or become so diluted by the number of people working the system that there is no money in there. This coupled with the fact that the number of people that I have seen get started in these systems only to work super hard doing everything that they say and come out with nothing to show for it.

What I believe is a more realistic and potentially interesting idea for me would be a headline that says something like “Learn how to build an income of $4000 a month for life.” While yes this is something that you do see with varying promises as well, it is something that can be seen as more potentially feasible, and with more future potential.

What this all comes down to is that it is not that difficult to loose my attention when you are looking at sites making a claim to get rich quick. While the headlines do grab my attention, most of them loose it fairly quickly. This is not so much because what they are offering is a bad product or not going to provide what is promised, although I would really question many of them, it is because they do not really give any good reason for me to hang around. What is worse is when they make it rather more difficult to a price. Why when you go to obviously hours and hours of work to write a huge sales letter do you make it difficult to find even a hint of a price.

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