Month: May 2010

Replacing Your Income

At some point in the life of anyone starting a new business comes the question, What am going to do for my income? Whether it is one of the first or last questions that you ask yourself it is an important question to consider. There are always going to be expenses that you have to pay, and money you will need to find for a range of different things. So replacing you income can be quite a big part of starting a new business. Of course there is always the first option to have good savings before you begin, however for many this is not really part of the planning. The plan that is devised, has all the potential start up expenses for the business, and that is the target that they aim to have saved, or in some cases attempt to borrow. Quite quickly the realization, comes that there is no money to pay the bills and it becomes very quickly sink or struggle to stay above water. WORK OUT YOUR EXPENSES The first step in the process of covering your expenses is establishing exactly what they are. What bills do you have coming on a regular basis, weekly and monthly ones are the most important, as they are going to be the ones that show up the quickest. While yearly bills are still important, they may be...

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4 Ways to Generate an Income

Selling your own product can often be one of the most rewarding and best ways to make money from your website or blog. While you do have a lot of different options when it comes to selling products or ways to generate money on your website, selling your own product is almost the only way that leaves you with 100% of the income.’ Just before we get to the 5 steps to sell your own product, lets have a quick look at what other ways you can generate income from your website. Also at just way they are maybe not the best ways to generate income. Advertising (Pay per click) – While this option requires the least effort on your part. Just copy and past a block of code, it is also potentially the option with the worst value return. First you have to have someone click on the advertisement, which may be somewhere in the range of 0 – 10%, at best. Once someone has clicked on the link though you are then looking at a small amount of the total revenue from that advertisement. Affiliate programs – Affiliate marketing is not that much different from Advertising, however there are a few small differences. Affiliate marketing allows you a little more control over exactly what you are advertising on your website or blog. You can truly make it...

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Attention Grabber Sales Headlines

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ability of make money/get rich headlines to grab my attention. While I am not going to be the one suckered into some high priced scam, these headlines almost always grab my attention in some way. However very very few manage to hold my attention for very long at all. The primary reason, I have figured that these headlines catch my attention at least, is the hope that they may just one day provide a practical and useful solution. Not so much to gaining super wealth quickly, but more to at least giving some good ideas on a place to start. So far the vast majority of products that I have read the sales letter for, fail to ignite any hope what so ever. However I must admit any smart person is going to be far from divulging the secrets contained within their product in the sales letter. The first thing that is an absolute requirement in this letters is to maintain my attention. There are very few that I come across that can hold my attention beyond the first sentence or two. This is because the first line or two often include some very far out claim, things like make $100,000 in 30 days, or more often some really odd amount. While yes I am sure that there is...

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