Paying Attention To The Signs

Everyday there are many different things that we see, hear, do and are part of. Many of these different things can provide a much different view or perspective for each and every one of us. The more interesting thing is that the same thing can affect us in different ways on different days.

For all of us our bodies, lives and states are forever cycling from from high to low, happiness to sadness, guilt to pleasure. Depending on our currant state will very much depend on how something very small can affect us on any particular day or even any particular time. Where one day an hours overtime at work may be overly taxing, on another day it may not even be noticed.

It can be a truly difficult task for many people to realize the state’s and recognize the signs that their own bodies are providing them with. Before you even begin to consider the potential signs that are being shown to you or made available for you to consider in many other area’s as well. Signs in relation to your work, your business, your relations and many other area’s of your life. It is recognizing these signs and dealing with them efficiently that can make life a free flowing ever advancing journey, or what seems to be a journey also going around the same path and running into the same problems.

One of the funniest things is that with many of the signs that we are given from many external sources, in regards to the things such as work, business, romance, and such. The signs are more than clear and often presented in a way that we more then see them and more then realize what is there, but then fail to connect how we can use this sign. One of the more common roadblocks to making use of seeing the signs comes in the form of not being able to connect our current situation with a future time, where we have taken advantage of the sign that was so clearly given to us.

Possibly the most common form of realization that a sign is being presented to you can come from a few simple words by someone who knows you well. Something like “You would be really good at doing *insert relative term here*!”. The response many people will or have given to this is often a self imposed roadblock. Responses like, But I don’t want to study, Doing it for myself is one thing, doing it for others is different, or even It is to difficult, I should have paid someone else to do it. Imposing these roadblocks on yourself while not always intentional, make the challenge of acting on these signs that are being given to you a much more difficult task.

The primary reason that I thought of even discussing this topic today is that I have more and more been seeing these sort of signs in my oen life recently. What are just brief comments, for example, I just planned and made a trip to Melbourne, did pretty much everything i wanted to do, come in for what i believe to be a good cost for the trip, and really enjoyed the trip. One of the primary comments I got was “Have you thought about working in travel or planning travel.” Well no it hadn’t however I did not find it that challenging, to do really.

The above example is one of the signs that I need to be paying attention to. Another came yesterday when i mentioned a particular opportunity to a friend. The particular opportunity, would mean that I would be stepping quite outside my comfort zone, having to manage people, and in general face a lot of challenges. I had never thought of myself as a people person, I am rather shy, keep to myself, and don’t speak up alot. However when talking about this opportunity, my friend offered a completely different perspective. These qualities that I saw as being potential roadblocks, she saw as more positive indicators of my potential to manage people.

For me this is coming to a really simple realization. When you see, feel, hear or given a sign. Don’t ignore it by placing a mental roadblock between where you are and what that sign could mean, be open to exploring the potential of following a path you may not seriously of thought about before. Explore these opportunities and they may become much more than just a thought, they may become your life.

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