Not a lot of Writing & Why

As some of you that have followed my blog for any time may have noticed there has not been a lot of new posts lately. This is not something i planned, it has really come from a combination of a few things. All of which i think many people either have faced, are facing or may face in the future. So i think it is something that could be worth looking into a little further.

1. Lack of Motivation – This is possibly one of the most common issues anyone faces in getting involved in a long term project. Over coming the points in a project where it is not always absolute which way you should go can often turn into points where things just stop. This is one of the biggest problems i am facing at the moment, not just in relation to this blog, but more so in relation to my whole web project, and business in general. I know where i have been with business and with my projects on the web. To some extent all of them was at a point i was seeing as being successful at some point, however that concept of successful is becoming a little blurry to me, which is potentially the source for this lack of motivation that i have run into.

Solving a lack of motivation is not always an easy thing. Really the first step is identifying if at all possible why you are struggling with getting motivated. If you can find the answer to that it can be a very big step towards answering the question of what is the solution. For example to start any project you must have had some interest in the project to begin with, this does not mean that you are always going to remain interested in the project, if this is the case then maybe reconsider continuing at all. Or maybe you are finding a lack of motivation because there is no real defined goal or end point, just continuing on a path that is not overly well defined can be a big problem in losing your motivation.

This last point about having no real goal or point of focus is what i think one of my main issues with a lack of motivation has been. While at times I have looked at setting some goals and targets for my web projects, I have not really done much to concrete in this area. It is really something that i need to look at and will be definitely working through in the near future, with any luck actually sharing the experience of working through creating some goals for my web projects and even potentially for my business on the blog here.

2. Working in a Job – Ok so i know that pretty much a large portion of you will be having to deal with this reality working a job is something that a lot of people have to do. While there are some people that make what it is they want to do their job and that is great. Working a job is still a reality at least for the time being for many of us. This i want to be sure to mention is not an excuse, well at least not an especially big one. It is more an inconvenience along the path of where you really want your life heading.

Why i call working a job an inconvenience comes mainly from the large portion of your available time that it consumes. You start out with the up to 40 hours a week that is needed for many jobs, some less or some more. These hours you get paid for so they are not entirely un-useful, they serve the purpose of earning money to pay for essentials. It is the other hours which are not always so productive which are associated with working which cause the bigger problem. Things like commute time. The other big problem is the way that working needs to be to a specific schedule. You need to be there at a certain time, and for a set number of hours in most cases. So if you have to be at work from 9am to 5 pm with a one hour lunch break, and it takes you one hour each way to commute to work, but the time that you find you get the best work done is from 7am to 10am, but the only time you can dedicate to this is more like 7pm to 10pm, you are not going to be getting things done at your best. This will mean less motivation, likely lower productive output and possibly even feelings like not being good enough or resenting your work and blaming it for not allowing you to pursue what you really want to.

Now while the obvious solution to a job getting in the way is to quit the job, i realize this is not really a very viable option for many people. Luckily while work does hinder what i want to do when i want to do it, in regards to my web projects and business, I am not entirely dependent on specific times of day to be creative. While a majority of my best writing i find I get done between 2pm and 6pm, I have many times also written in the morning between 7am and 9am, and this particular post i am writing now at 10.30pm. So  i can work around this obstical , which isnt to say that i could not get a lot more done without a job getting in the way, but i think making decisions about work life balance is maybe a topic for another time.

3. Lack of topics or ideas – I think that much like the lack of motivation, not know what topic you want to write about does not help you to get motivated. I have been very much facing this challenge lately in not really know what the topic i want to write about is. I know that i want to write something, but just what I want to write about is a much bigger challenge.

I have written more then a few times before about ways to improve the chance of having a topic ready to go when you are ready to write, Things like keeping an idea journal, reading through magazines, keeping some books around with potential topics in. While I still find that this are useful ideas and probably if nothing else the best place to find topics if you cannot come up with one in your mind right away, they have not helped me int he last couple of months. This is possibly I am thinking also related to a loss of focus in my idea of what in particular this website is about. While the tag line was “A new beginning in business” previously i don’t really think that this still really applies to this blog. The fact is that i never have really made that new start, my business that i was running at the time this blog started, more so gradually died off a slow and long death, to the point at the moment where it does not turn over anything, and as yet I am still to replace this business. So it leaves me thinking what is the blog about and what is it that I most want to talk about here. Something you can be sure that I will be working out in the near future, and will be sharing with you so you really do know just what to expect.

While i am sure that there are many more causes for things not getting done, these are the three things that I have been able to specifically define for my lack of writing. To some extent i think that all three really do connect in a way. Lack of motivation and a lack of topics or ideas is really a cycle, if I have no ideas, how am i going to get motivated to write, but then when I do get motivated to write, I don’t have a topic. The third point works it’s way in as work or a job. This impacts my available time by about 50 hours a week, with commute times, which still leaves me about 20-30 hours, once you take away other essential parts of life, such as eating, sleeping, personal hygiene and some entertainment time.

I will be looking to explore some of the issues that i am facing here in the near future, in a little more depth. However in the mean time i would be very interested to hear what the biggest issues you face in getting things done and moving forward with your plans, and we may be able to work through them and find some mutually beneficial solutions together. So please leave a comment below.

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