2010 remember your resolution

There is no doubting it, 2010 is definitely here. The month of January is gone, and we are not into February. For those of you that choose to make new years resolutions, are you still on track? Or have they already fallen by the way side and left you as just another statistic of new years resolutions failed.

The good news is that even though you may have forgotten your new years resolution there is still plenty of time left this year to make a big change in your life. Be it by eventually getting round to completing your new years resolution or even in some completely different area of your life. In fact you still have over 300 days to get moving and work on achieving your new years resolution.

This is the first most important realization you need to see. Just because you get to the end of January and have not achieved your new years resolution, does not mean in any way that you should let go of the hope in achieving it. Can you imagine if people got one month into building a house, and decided well it isn’t finished, yet so lets forget it and move on. Very few people are going to be really looking at this sort of short term thinking in relation to building a house, which takes only 2 or 3 months as it is, so why would you want to think like this in terms of your live and what you can achieve in the period of one year.

The next thing that you need to do is work out how to drop your excuses. The biggest cop out in relation to just about any goal or target is “I am to busy” or “I don’t have the time”. In reality you are as busy as you want to be. If you can afford the time to sit and watch TV, every night, or spend time on social media (facebook, twitter, etc) or even if you are spending a lot of time on a game console. Then you definitely have time that you could easily reallocate to achieving that new years resolution. If you can even reallocation 2 or 3 hours a week away from something like TV, Internet, or Gaming, you will have close to 100 hours before the end of the year to dedicate to achieving that new years resolution.

Finally, remember why you choose your new years resolution. Was it really your best option for you? While the whole focus on this post is to get in there and pick up on your new years resolution. The point also needs to be did you make that new years resolution in regards to something you do not really want to do. Did you want to earn more money this year, and the only way to do that is to work an extra shift on Saturday, but you do not want to work weekend’s. Or maybe you want to buy an investment property, but you really feel you are not ready for such a big commitment.

In either case or any other case where you think you have step up to a resolution for new years which is beyond you, then rethink it. If the only way to earn extra money that you can see at this point is to work an extra shift on the weekend, then maybe consider lowering your expectation, to earn a smaller amount that could be gained by selling some things on ebay, or starting a small online business. Similarly, if you are not comfortable in buying an investment property, maybe consider a smaller investment to get you started, Buying some shares, or a Term Deposit, Something that you are committing money to an investment, but that is easier for your to access if required, until you are ready to make that commitment, to an investment property.

The moral of the whole new years resolution though is that you do have a lot of time to achieve it, make the time that you need. Find the resources that you need. And just get some inspiration to do something about achieving your goal, this year.

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