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One thing that you will often find in your work, is that if you want to move up in your career, you need to do so to some extent within the one company. This is more and more not just a case of moving up as you have spent enough time in the job that you are in, and more to the case that you need to apply for the job, and go through the process.

Sometimes this process can be simple, while other times it can be just as difficult as going for any other job in another company. This does not need to be a difficult process, and can be some good practice in applying for a job, even though it may be with your currant employer. In my opinion, the fact the job is with the employer you currently are with makes it no less important than if you were applying for a job with any other company.


When you are putting together an application for an internal position, especially if it is additionally advertised outside the company, you need to keep in mind the quality of application that could potentially be received. Because you are already employed by the company should be no reason to only give it a half hearted effort in creating your application.

All of the same elements should still be part of your application, a Cover Letter, Your Resume, and finally addressing the position criteria. Putting together a full application as such, including these three elements, will give immediately an impression of being serious about the application.


The cover letter can be a very important part of your application. While applying for internal positions with your currant employer you may think they already know what i can do. However you need to also be aware that just because you work for the company doesn’t mean the department you are applying to know what you are capable of. So it can be wise to take the assumption you are applying for a position where what you have achieved is unknown.

The cover letter is where you can help show your achievements or at least highlight them. Along with a little about the skills that you have which will be a benefit in the position that you are applying for. However also remember that the cover letter should really be brief introduction to what is contained in your resume, and a focal point for the key role you have played in success with your currant role.


Your resume is just as important when applying for an internal position as when you are applying for any other position. For pretty much the same reason as a Cover Letter. The position you are applying for could be in a completely different area of the business, and the managers that are making the decision may not know you from any other employee in the business. So the more information you can provide that is relevant to the position you are applying for the better. If you have a good resume it should give the overview of your career that they need to see, to help with their decision.


In many positions a selection criteria is made available. What this basically is a number of points which are key to the role that you are applying for. Different companies will wish to see this in different ways.Some companies will expect a written submission with your application addressing these criteria. While others may cover this in an interview, and then others will either not really be providing it for anything but a guide to help encourage or discourage people from applying that meet the criteria.

The first step in this process is knowing or finding out how the company you work for handles this area. A simple way to find out, could be just directly asking the person whom applications are to be submitted to, and find out if it is to be submitted with the application. In some cases the selection criteria may only be provided for people who seek more information about the position, so it can be worth contacting the person listed as a contact if very few details are provided.


Finally while all of the above are good written parts of your application, there is a final factor which is your preparedness. Being prepared though is a long term investment in your career. If you are looking at moving forward and upwards within the company that you with, the way that you conduct yourself and complete projects that you are working on should be an important factor for you.

While as i have mentioned a number of times the people that are making the decision on a new role that you apply for internally, may not know your history with the company, they have many avenues to find out. The questions that will often be asked though are not why should we put this person into this position but rather what is the quality of work? How do they perform under pressure? Are they reliable?

In answering these questions you will have little say in how they are answered, unless you have worked to a level that there is no real option but to answer with great answers. The last thing you want is these questions to be answered with responses like, he is often late, or project deadlines are often missed. These type of answers can be a large roadblock, to moving forward.

Finally one of the other things to be prepared for in applying for internal positions is knowing you are not an essential part of the department you are currently in. The hardest thing for many people to see is that they do not move forward because they are to entrenched and a required part of their current job, because nobody else knows how to do it.

Anyhow as you can see creating a professional appearance in your application is an important factor and something that you should always consider when applying for any position weather it is internal or external to the company that you currently work for. Also ensure you are prepared for the application, that you are a valuable member of the business because you do a good job, and not because you are to entrenched in your job, and things would collapse if you leave it.

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