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Create a Winning Proposal

Proposals are something that is needed by many different people in many different area’s. Proposals are used quite a lot for sales and marketing, to help answer a the questions that a client is looking for in their project. This need for a proposal can easily move from sales to the internal needs in a […]

Marketing Tip: Customer Service Marketing

One of the most impressionable ways of marketing your business is the level of customer service that you provide. While traditionally marketing has been used to get customers into your store or business. Now marketing needs to be seen as an on going process. Which continues not just when you are trying to get customers […]

Internal Job Applications

One thing that you will often find in your work, is that if you want to move up in your career, you need to do so to some extent within the one company. This is more and more not just a case of moving up as you have spent enough time in the job that […]