Systems for Blogging

A couple of days ago we were taking a look at systemizing your business business. This can be a very powerful way to help build a long term growth business, that is not so reliant just one person, but rather a group of processes that mean allow the business to operate as one big system. System’s make it easy to follow a process and arrive at a similar result each time.

While just creating a number of system’s for the way you blog is not a sure way to be able to take yourself out of the equation, it can be a way to streamline what you do and ensure when you are working on a specific task you have a pattern to follow. This can help you avoid getting distracted to easily and stay on track with following your process.

You may be thinking what is there to make systems for when i am blogging. All i do is login and write a post and publish it. Well this may be true, however there are a number of things that are part of this process and part of other area’s of your blogging that you may not have thought about.

So it comes down to what can you make systems for in your blogging.

When you really start to think about your blogging you do often begin to realize there is more to it then just writing a post every now an than. Especially if you are working towards blogging as more of a professional pursuit then a hobby, it can be worth taking it a little more seriously then just doing things at random

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