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Creating system is a great way to save your self time. Systems allow you to take a task which may normally be a little haphazard and time consuming and bring them down to a repeatable process. A number of steps which can be followed each time to achieve the same result.

When it comes to business, creating system is a very important part of building a successful business. While systems may not be a requirement for a business, the more you are able to systemize your business the less time you will spend in the business and the more time you will have available to work on the business, and build the business to it’s full potential.

Really just about anything can have a system created around it. There need not be any limits on how small or how simple the task, if it is something that is repetitive it can be systemize. From Answering the phone, to production runs, and even the running of your website or business blog.

The key to making great system that work and that can be easily replicated comes from understanding the level of detail required and creating easy to complete steps. Plus ensuring that the system is easy to follow by the people that you are going to need to have follow it. Basically a system to help yourself keep on track will be different to a system you are creating for someone else to follow, and the level of detail will differ greatly as well, where you may need just a few key words to know what is coming next, someone else will need much more detail.

Lets just take a look at a simple system, which you could give to a new receptionist. I will give the description in the context of my business Orion Networks.

Orion Networks Phone Guide

  1. Answer the phone within “three” rings
  2. Answer with “Good Morning/Afternoon, Orion Networks <your name> speaking, How may i help you.”
  3. Listen to the caller
  4. If requesting a particular person, refer phone listing and transfer call (Press RECALL and dial extension, than hang up)
  5. If the person requested is not in the office, take a message including name, company, return phone number and message.
  6. If requesting information, forward the request with follow up contact details to the relevant person refer business role listing
  7. If placing an order, complete phone order form, and process as per “Creating an order Guide
  8. Thank the customer for their call.

This system is short and simple, it gives a quick overview how to proceed through a phone call, and helps the employee with direction to other forms, listings or guide’s which expand on particular points to help provide as much information as they may need.

The same is possible with just about any task in any business. Some will require many more levels of depth or reference documents. While some may be as easy or even easier then the sample above. The key thing to keep in mind though is that what your aim is to provide a straight forward overview of what needs to be completed to finish a task.

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