Web Tip: Keep your blogging regular

There is one primary consideration that you need to make when you are blogging. This is that blogging is just like any other form of publishing. At least if you are planning to blog either professionally or to create a business from which you can profit.

The one thing that you need to remember in this case is that being regular and consistent with your blogging is important. Posting in what would appear to be a completely random way is far from an ideal solution. Could you imagine if ay major newspaper just published a paper when they felt like it. The readership would plummet. How about if a magazine, was to release a new edition on a random time table, first once a month then 6 weeks apart and back to 3 weeks, then 5 weeks. Just like the newspaper they would lose subscribers fast.

While the quality of the content can help to offset irregular posting schedules, the overall effect will be fewer subscribers to your blog because they cannot be bothered wondering when you are posting next.

So there is a lesson here. If you are going to create a professional blog, which you hope to start creating an income from, set a consistent post schedule which you believe you will be able to manage. There is no point in starting out posting 5 posts a day if you can only maintain this for a week, here and there. You would be better off starting with 1 post a day, and be more consistent, then as you feel you can cope with it start adding a second post, and build your posting frequency at a gradual pace. If this seems to much set 2 or 3 days a week and post on those days every week, maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

While posting once a month may be to infrequent, it is not important to post every single day though. As long as you can create a consistent pattern which people will be easily able to follow.

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Hi Joel,

This is excellent advice. When I was considering writing a blog, a copywriting friend suggested I practice writing a blog for a month before I started publishing. He had the same advice you do – you have to be consistent. It turned out to be a good tip for me. I thought I would write a weekly blog but couldn’t manage it consistently. For me, 3 posts a month is perfect, spaced about 10 days apart. If I hadn’t done a trial run on my own blog, I wouldn’t have known that.

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