Marketing Tips: Cross-Selling

Lumix LX3 accessories
Creative Commons License photo credit: chinnianBusinesses in general offer quite a large variety of products. One of the key goals for many businesses is to be working towards increasing their average sale. There are many ways that this can be achieved however today i want to focus on the idea of cross selling.

The basic premise of cross selling is that you have one product, maybe a laptop, and you then look at what other products you have that may match to this product with the aim to sell these in conjunction with the other product. Cross Selling is often a better way to increase your average sale then up selling as you are working towards selling one or more additional products.

With cross selling you actually still sell the initial product but then sell additional products that can be used with it. So for the above example if you sell a laptop, you may also then be able to sell some accessories. Such as a Carry bag, mouse, extra battery, car power adapter, and any number of other similar accessories. This can greatly help to improve your average sale. Where the laptop itself may have sold for $1200, with 2 or 3 accessories, it may be $1600.

While relating this to a laptop sale may seem easy as there are often a lot of different accessories that people want and need. Relating this to other products may be a little more difficult, so what are some options, maybe you sell Ladies Clothes why not also sell matching accessories like shoes, handbags, scarves and the like. How about if you sell Shoes, then also sell Socks, Waterproofing, inner soles, etc. Or maybe you sell furniture, why not also offer matching cushions, throws, rugs, etc. There are options for many industries it can just come down to being creative in how you think about what you can offer as a cross sell.

So have a look at what you offer and find some items to cross sell your customers. One thing to remember is don’t over do it, the last thing that you want is to have to many things that you are trying to cross sell and customer to leave with nothing because you were trying to force to many options on them.

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