Looking Back At The Future

Today was suppose to be the day that I started to get all my goals down for the rest of the year, and get started on working some other things that needed to be done. However when I left home today i end up spending about an hour going around some shops, looking for little insignificant things i decided i needed. As it would be i did not find anything i want looking for.

I finally ended up at Coffee Club and had a short chat with two friends, and finally got settled to work on a short to do list i wrote 2 minutes before going to bed last night. But as it seems has become the normal rather then going straight to getting things marked off the to do list, i ended up first visiting Facebook, and then Twitter. Thankfully i was able to make both visits short without getting to distracted.

I finally got on to the to do list, however rather then anything that was on it i decided to start on something at the back of mind. This was adding some images and tags and generally refreshing some of my older posts. The first post coincidentally was the very first post that i made on this blog Hello World. I was not planning on adding or changing this post (which is why this post has come about), all i did was add a picture, but then decided to read it quickly before moving on.

Currently i have been in the position for about 15 months and looking forward i am looking to stay with the position for maybe another 18 months to 2 years at the outside

The above caught my attention. The reason is that this post was made on the 23 of February, 2008, some 20 months ago. This puts me right in the middle of the 18months to 2 years i was giving myself to be working for myself and not for someone else. While i still have time to work through from employment to self employment, the window is closing. But the fact remains I have done very little since starting this blog which is a positive move towards being self employed.

While I have had ups and downs in my business (yep the one that i was trying to move away from when starting this blog), at the present moment, it has had a whole quarter with no revenue at all. Two supplier accounts have gone inactive, and the considerations for other businesses i could work on are not so spectacular, at this point, all need a lot of work and planning before they would be workable.

This kind of got me thinking though, why is it that we set ourselves these goals and these deadlines, only to seemingly miss them. Or not seem to remember about them, until we are already fast approaching the deadline that we set ourselves. Close as it may seem i am still going to attempt to meet this goal and change things for the better, if not before the end of the year very early in the new year.

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