What is in a System

For many the potential to find this magical formula to success has become an overwhelming search. Which for almost as many has proved to be a fruitless search. However for some this search has proved to be very rewarding, but at the same time what creates this different is not something that is easily recognizable.

What i want to share today is some of the insights i have gained looking at ways in which i may be able to create my own system and from what i have gained from hearing others discuss their system.

The first thing that can be noticed from many systems is that there are two very different ways that they come about.

While it would appear that there is very little difference between the two, there is a lot more then meets the eye. But almost more importantly there are some key points which if ignored can make an even bigger difference. These differences primarily lie within when and how systems are created accidentally or deliberately and how successful which method will be.


When a system comes about as an after thought i see it as an accidental system. For example some starts a business, and just does the things they think need to be done, there is really no system to this. Then later on they start to see how they can duplicate what they did again. This really can occur in almost anything from business to to work. While creating an accidental system, especially one that works can provide much greater benfits they can also occur in the work place.

A good example of this occurring in the workplace could come from an employee that has a lot to do, they begin doing things in a specific order, and creating a pattern, and it does not take long before they realize that what they have done is created a system and find things flow more easily in the pattern.

Another good example of this in business is where someone decides to open a shop. The first store may just be grabing at straws to figure out what they need done where and how. If they open another this time they will have the knowledge but still it may be a little bit of everything all at once or such. This could continue for a while until they begin to see a pattern to what they are doing.

Accidental systems are not something that is born of a need or necessity. As the general do it in any order and work it out, often does work. What it creates though is often extra costs and inefficiencies in the process.


While an accidental system, seems to happen as a by product of doing something. A deliberate system is the result of approaching something either the intention to create a system. The situation’s that these system can be created in are in reality no different to that of accidental systems, with the exception of it being no accident the system is created.

The deliberate creation of system is often more commonly seen in the workplace. In fact it is the primary thing that makes up many of small day to say tasks many people undertake in their jobs. A lot of these small systems do come from their being a need and that need being deliberately filled. For example a factory that manufacture’s a chair, will have many systems that guide the creation of pretty much identical chairs every time. There will be a system for molding plastic parts, a system for bending medal parts, another system for putting the parts together, and another for how to package the chairs for delivery. These systems would all be deliberately created because it would become very apparent, very quickly that to make a chair is not easy by just doing what seems right each time.

The same can be seen in many businesses, and is best seen in both big business and Franchise businesses. Big business effectively make it their business to create systems around how they operate their business, not just on a daily basis but also how they build their business. They have systems for pretty much everything, how to choose a new store location, how to layout the inside of the store, how to place lay out products on the shelves, how to set up the in store point of sale, how to process a transaction, how to manage stock ordering, how to manage staff, plus probably hundreds more. This is often very similar to Franchises, however it is essentially the systems that are being sold to a franchisee when they buy a franchise.

While it cannot be said that one method works any better then another, there is one thing that can be said for creating systems, they do improve your chance of success. However while they may improve you chances this will still depend greatly upon what the systems achieve, and how they achieve it. If you create a system that achieves the desired outcome, that has 10 steps that are not needed, no matter how well you present the system it is still inefficient and potentially bad for your business.

In finishing i believe myself that while accidental systems can work and provide a good step to greatly improve your business. The ability to deliberatly create and use sytems that you set out to set up can be much more successful. Although this can be countered by the thought that if you create a system accidently then it may be based on something that is already working. Whichever way you go, systems are going to generally provide a much greater chance of success then just taking random inspiration and seeing where you end up.

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