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Marketing Tips: Cross-Selling

photo credit: chinnianBusinesses in general offer quite a large variety of products. One of the key goals for many businesses is to be working towards increasing their average sale. There are many ways that this can be achieved however today i want to focus on the idea of cross selling. The basic premise of cross […]

Marketing Tips: Loyalty Program

As a business owner one of the things that you really want to be able to do is to bring customers to your business that are likely to come back and purchase multiple times. This is because the more times that a single customer purchases from your business the lower the customer of acquisition is […]

Marketing Tips: Create a need

For some industries there are ways that you can really benefit from creating your own need for your products. Creating a need can happen in a number of different ways. Some of these you will have some control over, while others you will have no control over at all. The biggest question this leaves is […]