Learn How to Fail

Day 197/365 - FAIL

For a lot of people they have a single goal, to work towards success. Achieving success for many becomes their soul obsession. While it can be a good point to work towards success, and to learn how to succeed. I also think that it can be an important aspect of development for anyone to also learn how to fail.

As a human being success and failure are a part of life, we experience both almost every day of our lives. Be it going for a job interview, a bet at the Casino, investing on the Stock Market, or making it to the shop before they close. Almost everything we do ends with either success or failure. However this is what we have come to expect as life, but there are established limits we have become comfortable with.

There are probably many other area’s of your life or the way that you live, which you have established comfort zones, however these are some of the primary area’s. What i also find is that when we are involved in a business we set similar comfort zones for ourselves. However one other thing that we tend to do is focus more on achieving success then allowing both success and failure naturally.

What this comes to is that while it is often nice to consistently achieve success, there are times that it can also be worthwhile to fail. The fact is that many of the amazing achievements that have come from many businesses would not have been achieved if there was not some chance of failure. In fact while many businesses see success as the most regular part of their business, in many cases they are just as likely to fail as to succeed.

Finally i would like to share a direction that i think we all need to look towards and try to actually take advantage of. That is to relearn how to fail. As children failure is a major part of our development. When we learn to walk our efforts were constantly met with failure. Can you imagine if the first time we got up and tried to take a step and fell, we decided we failed so we better not try again. Or if we decided it was to difficult to learn how to talk because the first time we tried we could not form proper words.

As children we knew how to fail, but what is more important is that we also knew that failure was not the only option. We may have failed, but we just tried again, and again, and again until we succeed. This i believe is a very valuable lesson that we all need to learn, not just for our personal life, but also our business life. Because we fail once, does not mean that we should not try again. It may mean waiting until finances permit or until we have recovered and relized our initial mistakes. Because that is what failure is a chance to see our mistakes and learn from them.

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