Marketing Tips: Create an Event

If you are looking for ways that you can build your customer base, then you need to be looking for ways that you can engage your clients and show them your product. One way that you can do this is by creating an event to either launch your product or to share the benefits of your product with a particular target market.

In creating an event it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. It will entirely depend upon the type of product that you are offering, and the type of customer that you want to attract. Getting these two things correct when planning your event will inevitably mean the success or failure of the event.

The first consideration is what the product is. Is the product a new product or an existing product. Also is the product worthy of being the feature for an event or are you trying to create a buzz that is unjustified. For example if a clothes store gets a new colour in an existing style, then it probably is not worth creating an event for. However if they were to get a whole new range from a new supplier or maybe a new season range then this is worth creating an event around as it is going to be something different to show the customers.

The second consideration is the type of customer that you want to attract. Is it an existing customer or are you looking for new customers. Do you want them to buy one the spot or just make them aware of the product. Is it a product that is high priced and really suitable for high end shoppers, or maybe it is better suited to bargin shoppers. Knowing the customer you want to attract is essential for how you market the event and how you set up the event.

The final consideration is what you need to do at the event. If the event is purely a showing of the product and sharing the features then it can be rather simple. However if you are looking to be able to sell the product and generate interest through the event, then you may need to take it a little further and have the facility and the stock available for the expected sales from the event. Additionally depending on the type of product and the type of customer you are looking to attract to the event will depend on the style of the event.

So really it may be time to look at your product range and see how you can create an event around the range or a product, or even a new range to build interest in your business and the products that you sell.

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