Marketing Tips: Don’t overdo the SALE

If it is one thing that is used by so many businesses is the idea of having a SALE. Don’t get me wrong when you have a SALE it can be great for many reasons. Getting rid of older stock, or things you may have had in stock for some time, maybe just to get people in the store.

One thing that so many stores do, is use the idea of a SALE on almost a weekly basis to keep people coming in the door. For a number of stores this works well because they know how to create a cycle and how to generate interest consistently. These stores are generally big stores, that rotate the sale around departments, one week maybe it is toys, another week clothes, or home wares, or books or whatever else they may offer. While the store may always seem to have a sale they also have a good portion of items at a regular price.

Where having an almost constant SALE does not work is when it is the same product’s on sale week in and week out. Or worse still the whole store constantly on sale. What this creates is an unrealistic view of your store. If everything is always on sale, then how is it actually a sale, since the prices never change.

So don’t make the mistake to put your store in the position of looking like it is playing everyone for fools. Have a sale and make it an event that happens on occasion. Yes maybe you may want to have a small sale corner, where you put things that just don’t sell and discount them, but don’t sell your store short with a never ending sale.

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