Web Tip: The right email address

How many times have you gone looking in an advertisement, or on someone’s business card to find their email address only for it to be a free address or one provided by their ISP. An email address for a business that is mybusiness @ hotmail.com or mybusiness @ myisp.com are hardly the best way to build confidence in your business.

What is potentially worse is when people have their own website like www.mybusiness .com and still use these free email options for their business email. Possibly the biggest question i am yet to answer is why businesses do this. While it may not really be within some businesses knowledge on just how to do this, you would imagine that as a product the people that are creating websites for these businesses would be able to give some direction on getting a reasonable email address for your business.

It is a easy mistake to make considering that it is so easy to get any of these free email addresses, however even if it is going to cost your business a few dollars it is well worth the money to get an email address that fits your business. Something like Joel @ mybusiness.com looks much better then mybusiness @ hotmail.com. So dont waste the brand name that you are trying to build for yourself by putting someone else’s name on the end of your email address.

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Dang, Joel! I had just the same topic of a post over on my own blog a while back but I wish I’d have had a killer last sentence like that on mine!

I’m still amazed that people think that running a business’ email through their ISP or a free mail service is OK. Knowing how much a domain name costs, it really makes you wonder where else they cut corners.


Thank-you for your comment Dan,

I think that your post also shares a valid point and wanted to share your link here. So that anyone else that sees the post here will also get a second point of view.



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