Dont focus on the past

The way that you look at life can be very similar to the way that you drive your car. Not really the actual style of driving but, where you are looking as you drive along.

In your car you have a few options, you can look straight ahead. Doing this means you are aware of what is coming up and where you are going. Can look to either side, and see where you are right now. Or you can look through the rear view or side view mirrors and see where you have been.

Each one of these has it’s purpose, and requires a different amount of your attention and focus. Looking in the rear view mirror, while not essential to where you are going, can benefit you. It gives you some idea of where you have been, and what may be coming up behind you. As such it really only requires a little time.

Similarly looking to the side, has a bit more use, it can help you to see where you are and what you may need to adjust to stay on the right track. Finally you will be spending a lot more of your time looking straight ahead. Looking ahead when you are driving is extremely important, to see where you are going, and what is coming up. Traffic lights, signs, and any range of other hazards or obstacles.

If you consider this and think of it in terms of where you spend most of your time looking in your life, where do you find yourself focusing. Everyone spends different time looking at a different focus in their life. Some people spend a majority of their time looking back, what has happened to them and where they have been. Another group will spend the majority of their time looking at where they are right now, this is like looking to the sides when driving your car. Finally the last group will spend the majority of their time looking forward, to where they are going and what they want to do.

While just like when driving, any way that you look in your life can be of some benefit to you. It again depends on how much you look in which direction. While looking back is essential, and a place to learn from mistakes, it is not somewhere that you should focus your attention to much. Having the past as a primary focus in your life can limit your potential. The same as if you give to much focus to looking ahead or your future. You will miss out on learning from current experiences and may not even realize that some of the things you want are already right here.

Finally keeping your focus on the present and where you are now, can be a great benefit. You can spend a some time looking back and some time looking to the future. But these should not be your primary focus, even though they are essential parts of the whole. Maybe the most important thing that you can do when considering this idea, is learn to not focus your time naturally, on the area that may be most useful at the time. It should ideally not be something that is forced and you feel comfortable with.

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