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As some may be aware from my tweets on twitter, i asked (almost 3 weeks ago) for some article suggestions. What i wanted to do with these suggestions was not just give my thoughts on the topic, as is the case with many of the articles that i have here. I wanted to do more and get a more extended spread of information, to give some really useful posts, not just for the people that suggested the topic but for everyone that the topic may benefit.

I kind of feel a little guilty that it has taken me so long working on these posts, as i think that they are both very relevant topics for different reasons. So while i do expect to get these posts together in the next couple of days i wanted to let you know a little about what they are, and make sure you are ready for them once they are online.

The first idea came in not long after my tweet, from @MummysWishInc, and the topic suggested was “How to encourage businesses to support small, local, non-profits”. I believe that this is a topic that is possibly very relevant, not just to non-profits but also businesses that wish to help non-profit organizations. As such in this article i try to share the thought from both sides of the coin, to not only attempt to help non-profit organizations encourage help from businesses, but also to give businesses some thoughts on how to find and approach non-profits, with that they may be able to offer.

The second idea came not long after from @Leeward2009, and the topic suggested was “How to work with difficult clients while still doing a professional job!”. I am unsure how many of you have had this sort of issue, but i know i have. Often clients can put a lot of demands on you, and it can become difficult to remain professional, without saying or doing something you may later regret. This article i hope to give you some thoughts on ways to help you keep yourself and your client happy, and remain professional at the same time.

Both of these articles are coming along well and i am just doing a little final research on the first idea, and hope to have it ready for about Monday next week. With the second idea hopefully around the end of next week. Once i have published both of these articles i will be on the look out for some more topics, so please don’t hesitate to suggest something in the comments below, or send me a message on twitter @no_fixed_office.

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