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Dont focus on the past

The way that you look at life can be very similar to the way that you drive your car. Not really the actual style of driving but, where you are looking as you drive along. In your car you have a few options, you can look straight ahead. Doing this means you are aware of […]

Small, Local, Non Profit’s. How to seek and provide assistance.

There is no doubt that in general people want to help non-profit organizations to provide the services that they do. This has been highlighted especially in Australia a number of times with the most recent being for the victims of the Victoria Bushfires. Additionally we have seen this generosity on a global scale, through both […]

Overtime not so cost effective

Maybe it is something that you have realized, or maybe you just had that niggling thought, about just how much overtime is costing your business. While i dont want to alarm you, i do want to be sure you know, it actually probably costs more than you think. There are a number of different things […]