A little Gap and update

Wow, i have only just realized that it has been around 10 days since i posted here. I have been trying to keep this blog well pretty much as active as i can, considering the bulk of my good writing happens at best every so often.

However the lack of content is not due to to writing issues, as i have had some good writing days. However it is preparation for some future plans. As well as the two post that i have decided to work on in a little more detail. Doing the research and putting quality time into writing some of the best posts i have written does take more time, but i think will provide a better quality read for everyone.

Finally i have been doing much contemplating with regard to my future direction. For a number of reasons i really want to get something if not solid at least on the drawing board by late November or early December. If it was earlier that would be great. But that is sort of when i would like to be working on the planning. So that with any luck i can align at least a start on putting the plans into action very early in the new year.

The biggest thing that i find as my challenge here though is that, i just really do not know which direction i would like to go. While i have mentioned it not long ago that for me a change is inevitable, just the variety of change that is available is quite vast. Do  go for a product focus, or a service focus? What industry do i look closer at? Do i look to invest in an established business or setup from scratch? Do i maintain the name that i have or go right back the square 1 drawing board?

There are a lot of question i want to, or more so need to answer. I think i just need to do a little more thinking, and reading and looking very closely at what other businesses are offering, but offering poorly, or at excessive costs, or even businesses that don’t really know their customers. It will just take a little time. However this being said i hope to get a new post for you up very soon, and as always look forward to your comments.

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