Best and worst. Best idea?

Last night i was having a look over at Problogger, and come across the post “What Were the Best and Worst Blogging Experiences You Had This Week?“. At the time i thought great idea, and i placed my comment diligently, with my best and worst for last week.

However since i did this i have been thinking (thinking is something i do a lot of so this should be no surprise). Is it the best idea to be spending any time looking at the worst thing that happen from the perspective of it being the worse thing. I think that looking at something as being the worst thing that happened, can be a doubled edged sword, on one side it is bringing up again this worst thing that happened. Plus on the other side it is not really solving why this happened.

Maybe something that i think might be almost a better way to look at a best and worst on the weekly basis, would possibly be cut the worst part all together and make the topic something more like. Best thing and best lesson learned from blogging this week. So you are still focusing on what good things were gained, but you are turning the idea of what may have been the worst thing into a learning experience. So the comment i shared i am going to rework a little here.

My Original comment can be found here

Hmm interesting idea.

Best Thing – Would have to be that my twitter started to grow again, it had been a little stagnant, just floating around the same number of followers, but has started growing again.

Worst Thing – I shared a lot of content this week which has normally led to some good spikes in traffic, however i saw very little difference at all.

So the best thing still stands Twitter, is starting to roll again, have added more followers and am starting to connect with more people.

So to put the spin on the best lesson i learned is that sharing a lot of content is not always the best way to build traffic. Continually share quality content over reasonable times, rather then trying to force a lot out in a short period of time. But most importantly, don’t let a lack of results get me down, just find a different way to try and keep putting the content out there.

I would be interested to see what your thoughts are on this idea, and also what your best thing and best lesson for the week are. So feel free to comment below i look forward to reading.

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I like where you are going on the positive thinking front…

Great week for meetings, all are going well, i.e. generating ideas and action items, building relationships and moving forward with strategic plan.

My lesson of the week is take no action and no action will come. For great meetings like the ones above to happen, I must organize them. Solution,revisit to-do list method (2 fullpages, doublesided,12 pt ft method has outgrown itself). An overwhelming task list means I won’t look at it…

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