Web Tips: Keep it to a single page

If you are running a business that sells a product, then there is often a good chance that you are going to have to display at least some product information on your website. The more advanced the products the more chance that you may have the desire to breakup the product information.

I would like to suggest it is not a good idea to split up product information, with one exception, which i will mention shortly.

The primary reason that i would suggest not splitting up product information is that it can give reasons for your customer to not buy. Pretty much if all the information is there on the one page, it means that the customer can read all the information just by scrolling down.

If you were to split up the information into multiple pages. It increases the chance that the customer will not be able to find the information that they are looking for. This can make it easy for a customer to decide not to buy when they are looking at your products.

When I would like to suggest that maybe splitting up your content for your product may work is if you actually create an entire site that is dedicated to that single product. In this case, if you can see a need to give a product more than a single page, it is more then likely that the product should have some information split up.

Another potential benefit from creating a single site for one product is that you can, work to create more buzz around the product. Where having multiple pages on one site for multiple products you need to have multiple focus points, By having a single product on a single site that is the primary focus. Which means less distractions for your visitors.

Which ever way you decide to lay out your content, consider the aspect of how your customer is going to find the information that they may want to see. The biggest thing to remember is don’t assume that your customer will expect particular information to be in the same place your may expect it to be, hence it can be a good idea to keep it all on a single page.

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