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I started this blog in February 2008. At the time the purpose that i was putting on the blog was to move from the business that i was currently running, to another business. I was not sure what the business would be, how i would make the change or really anything of the details at all. The only thing at the time i was sure about was that i actually wanted to make a change.

Well as things would turn out, 18 months on, and really nothing has changed. Although i am not actively promoting the business that i was running when i started this blog. It is still running (www.orionnetworks.com.au). Although i have considered just what needs to happen to change this, it is not something that i have managed to actually achieve. On the same note, working is still sitting in the same position, i am still in with the same company, although i have moved a little further up the ladder. However i see at this point in time that neither the business, nor the job i currently have are going to move me any closer to the goals i would like to be working on or achieving.

I realize so much that i am continuing in a path that is not leading me where i want to go, however this is not helped that i am unable to properly see where i want to go. At the time of creation on this blog, the reasons i end up sticking with the business i was doing,mostly were seated in the idea that it was a business that i knew. There was very little barrier for me to make a choice between sticking with what i knew, as opposed to making a change. Where this has lead me is potentially exactly where you would expect it to lead, this post and the admission that nothing has changed.

You see this i think comes from the concept that if you know that you are not so much interested in what you are doing because you cannot see the potential in it then this is inevitably going to be true. It is really a law of nature, the path with the least resistance is often the particular path which is followed. It happens that taking the easier path is just purely easier. Taking the path towards change has what is apparent as so many obstacles and reasons why not. This is however just where i need to change my thinking.

The biggest question i have been asking myself more recently though is not whether i want to change or not. As it is self evident to me, that i do want a change. The more pertinent question though is what sort of change do i want to make. What business do i want to be in? Where do i want to place this business? Do i want to sell product or focus on services? There are really quite a large number of questions that i am asking myself and the unfortunate result i am finding is that i am having trouble answering these questions for myself.

I find that while i would like to pursue the business that i am in, or have been in since i started my business. I cannot see the future potential in this business, to provide the type of involvement, profitability and diversity that i want from a business. Diversity is i suppose the most important factor for me, as i want variety in what i am doing, i hate being confined to the one continually repetitive task day in, day out.

While i do want to change and there are a lot of questions that i still need to answer, it is something that i think will only come with time. It is not something that i should be rushing and definetatly not something that i should be looking to force to happen. While it is fully something that i am going to have to work out for myself i am really interested in what you thoughts are on the topic. I do believe that while all choices are personal to you, taking input from many sources, can open your mind to new and different opportunities.

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You are right in taking inputs from many sources to see different angles of the situation, but one day you will also have to go for your dream! Are you ready for it?

What I understand, tell me if I am wrong, is that you want a change, a professional change. For that, you think you need to change your thinking. You don’t know what kind of change you want, but you already know you want a business which will provide involvement, profitability and diversity. Meanwhile there are also other aspects you have to take into account.

It will be interesting for me to understand what you already have been thinking off and what you have put in place in order to make that change.

Well, with what I have from your message, I think you have a good start: you know what you would like in your next move and if you don’t have it, you will not make the effort to do the change. These are essentials for you. What I suggest you to do is to dig deeper and try to describe your interests, your skills and the areas you would like to develop as well as what you are not good at and what you are not interested in. You can refer to your jobs/experiences/hobbies… Then classified them as essential to you or preferred, you have already started this work; you just need to detail it more. You will have a better picture of what you want or not, can do or not. After that, set objectives and make a plan to achieve them, short and long term. Analyze the barriers that might interfere in accomplishing your objectives and see how you can avoid or go around them and/or if they could jeopardize your plans. These are one of the steps you can start with. Your thinking will change when you will have a good idea of what is your dream and have enough confidence that you can reach it; because you have the skills or you can develop them, the motivation and the environment to accomplishing your objectives. Then you will see things differently. There exist also tools to help you in that matter.

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