10 ways to Boost Sales

There are many reasons why sales could be up down, or about the same. Some of them are going to be things that you can do something about, while others may be something you have no control over at all. If it comes to the point that there may be something that you can do about it then you may be able to find something that will give you are head start on the list below. If worst comes to worst though you can always fall back to number 10 below though.

  1. Costly marketing is not essential – One thing you need to realize up front is that especially costly marketing is not an essential part of your plan. Making use of low cost marketing idea’s can be the way that will really catch those area’s of the market that you may have not been able to access before. You may find an idea or two in a post i did for marketing your blog, most of the ideas can be applied to a business just as easily – 10 Ways to promote your blog offline
  2. Marketing – While costly marketing may not be essential at least some marketing is needed, it may be anything but you just have to do something, or how is anyone going to know about you.
  3. Adwords Campaign – If you have a website (if not you really do need one) then you need to be getting people visiting the site if they cannot visit your physical store. Using Google Adwords is a great way to do this. If you have the right approach and can get people’s attention, within your target keywords.
  4. Email previous customers – If you have not been getting email address ( or any contact information) from your customers up until now, this is a great time to start. Ask if they would like to join your email list, or leave a business card, Even a drawing for a small prize from a container of business cards you may have on the counter. This will allow you to let your customers know every time that you have a special, or new stock in.
  5. Online Marketing – Adwords as already mentioned is one option, but there is a wide range of different ideas that you can use to get your business in front of potential customers on the internet. Social marketing (Facebook, Myspace and Twitter), joining forums (related to your business), or looking for other advertising opportunities on relevant sites.
  6. Flyers – If you really do see that sales are poor and that you want to somehow improve them you should be almost ready to go to any length to build the sales. Create a basic flyer, with a good offer for a product that people are likely to want and then print out 500 and drop them to local residents, or business depending upon your market.
  7. Newspaper Classifieds – It may not be the most glamorous way to promote your business, but again depending on the type of business it can be one of the first places that people look. Especially for trades, and repair businesses.
  8. Have a sale – If nothing else seems to be working put on a sale event. There must be some stock that you want to clear, be it old or new, just do something to move it even if that means selling it at cost price or less, it will help to get people in the store and they may purchase something else while there.
  9. Create an event – You could either create or be part of a event that you could help to get some coverage in the local media. Often this coverage is free and can be a reasonable benefit to your business. Even if you dont get the local media coverage, being part of an event may give you other means to get your business out there, with flyers or banners, or maybe even a stall with a range of your products displayed.
  10. Do Something, Anything – If you have got this far and have not found anything then maybe take another look. While yes there are other methods out there, you have really two choices, make it easy and pick one of the methods above, or you can procrastinate, and keep looking, for something you probably wont find.

Well there you have it, ten potential ideas to help you kick start your sales. While it may not be specifically easy, to make the effort, if you dont get out and do one, you will forever be wondering what may have been.

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