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A little Gap and update

Wow, i have only just realized that it has been around 10 days since i posted here. I have been trying to keep this blog well pretty much as active as i can, considering the bulk of my good writing happens at best every so often. However the lack of content is not due to […]

Marketing Tips: Unique Selling Point

Giving a customer a unique reason why to purchase your product over a competitor’s is an essential part of what you need to do to set yourself apart. It is basically your unique selling point. It can really be anything that defines your point of difference, from a single word to a sentence. It however […]

Marketing Tips: Creating your Credibility

Credibility is one of the best ways to create a better image for your company, and your product. As i have previously mentioned, it is important to build credibility not just for your company and product though but for your staff as well. However you may be wondering just what are the best ways to […]