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There is one thing that i have noticed happens far to often. That is that people spend far to much time waiting for something to happen. I saying this because it is something that happens a lot. Not because it is something that i see but don’t experience. Because i think i experience it just as much as anyone else.

However there are ways that both you and me can work to avoid waiting so long. We can take action to help bring success closer and build for ourselves a much better chance at achieving that success, that we have been waiting for. Today i am just going to share a single and possibly extremely simple option that you really have to implement. The reason it works i believe is because of just how simple it is. Well it is actually a two step process but here it.

  1. Do something, anything that will move you closer to success, no matter how small it is.
  2. Repeat Step 1. as many times as it takes.

Ok yes this is very simple and something that you may have read many times before, however that is the thing, this is in essence the way to success. Just do anything no matter what to move towards success. The first thing to realize in this is that no matter what the project, destination or outcome you are seeking is it can be broken down in to many small chunks. Maybe to help your direction a little more an example or two may help.

You have decided that you want to write a book. The initial idea sounds good, but then the realization hits you that a book is 200+ pages. Suddenly this good idea now seems like a huge hurdle. So you put off starting, and see success as a goal never to be reached. However it is not some far off goal, it is much easier then you imagine. You take the goal from being ‘A book’ to being ‘A chapter’ which is no where near as big. So then you move the goal down to a page, or even a paragraph. When you are looking at a goal such as this writing a paragraph is quite quick and easy.

This may be a fairly simplistic view of this as a process. However this is a very important way to look at your goals. Working them down into smaller and small bits to really look at achieving many milestones along the way, rather then working towards a single goal which appears unreachable.

Another example may be that of training for a marathon. There is practically no one that could go from sitting around at home to running a marathon. What it takes is a lot of small steps that all require doing a little bit, but just doing something towards achieving the goal of running the marathon. You would start out rather then sitting around home all day, getting out and doing a walk each day. As this becomes easier you would work it up to running or jogging the same distance. Then build on the dance that you are able to run or jog, until you reach the ability to run the marathon.

Of course this method will not work for everyone, and there are groups that should not use this idea for being able to run a marathon. Especially if you have other health conditions which would prevent your from running a marathon anyway. However it is again just taking that small step to do something initially and building on it to do a little more and a little more until you achieve the success you are seeking.

So don’t put it off until another day, if you want to achieve something, just start today and do something, anything towards that goal. Success may not happen tomorrow, or the next day but continually doing something towards it, no matter how small will see you getting closer and closer each day.

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