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Ok so there is nothing like writing an article, and making use of one of the most common spam headlines, just about. I mean anyone that has been on twitter more then a day has probably seen a update, or a @ reply, or DM that is trying to sell some secret package to get hundreds or thousands of new followers every day. Frankly they are annoying, but if you decided that my update was different then maybe you may learn the true secret to getting more twitter followers.

But then again as i have written before there is really no secrets, just methods, you have or have not discovered, and that you could potentially discover. But anyway, getting more twitter followers is really very very simple, and is just  matter of following steps and giving it time. Maybe you will not ever reach the heights that some twitter users have with millions of followers. However creating a network of valuable followers is not about following everybody.

What it comes down to is what sort of people you want to have following you. For most people this simply a matter of what people are with in your market. In reality while you may not believe it, if you are using twitter then you have a market. Now maybe that market is going to be family, or friends, or maybe it will be internet marketers, or bloggers. The markets may over lap or maybe not, but what you are tweeting about will really only be of interest to this certain market. There is little point having people follow you outside your market or there will be no value added to either yours or their experience of twitter.

So obviously you wanted to know how to get more followers on twitter and here is the X steps to getting more valuable followers on twitter.

Maybe not what you were expecting, but i almost guarantee you it will work much better over the long term then, any of the systems being taunted almost daily that will grow your followers, exponentially quickly. While some may stick around purely because it is easier then unfollowing you, any that are valuable will be gone quickly.

If you don’t believe, i am my primary proof of this, in my first 30 days on twitter, i exceeded 2,000 followers. By using a system pretty similar to this. This is really the refined version to give the most benefit to everyone you may follow or who may follow you.

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I agree with this post 100 percent. While I started out slowly, I quickly figured out how Twitter works. I have gained a lot of followers as MarDeck on Twitter. They come from a myriad of backgrounds and interests. I have yet to figure out what to do when I grow up and I’m about to be 55!

What I have really enjoyed with Twitter is gaining the expertise of thousands of friends. Some I know better than others and we joke a lot. All in all some of us have become close twiends and are there to help each other out whether it be charity or business. Education and help abounds. All you have to do is ask and it will come. Just follow the recommendations and you can’t go wrong.


Thank-you for your comment. What you are saying here is exactly the sentiment that i would like to see shared by many. My initial idea behind making this post was more as a test to see what sort of interest you could attract from the idea of people getting more twitter followers. Now i maybe did not use something as blatant as many use, and such as gain thousands of followers. At the end of the day i think i probably did get the response that i expected, only a fairly average click through rate on the link.

This post initially was an experiment to see if the potential headline for it would create interest to start. However it become actually creating a post that did give some actual information that people could use. I can now understand though why people push the same link about getting more followers so much as it really is not the golden headline that will get all the clicks.

This sounds like a pretty solid method. I did a little of this and I’ve found a lot of people will follow you back. My only problem is, I don’t want to get banned from twitter. Is there any safe way to do this?

Hi Fred,

Sorry for the late reply.

There are a few aspect to doing this and not landing yourself on the ban list with Twitter.

Firstly I have had my account banned twice on twitter. The first time was not long after this post and it was my own fault. The second time I am not sure why.

When it was my fault, it came down to the fact that I was following people to the limit of what I could, and then going back to the oldest ones i followed and unfollowing them. It seems Twitter does have limits, and if you push them to often you get banned. In saying this though my account was out of action for 2 or 3 days, but when it came back end up gaining a lot of extra followers. I wouldnt suggest trying that though.

Basically look at building the following as a long term thing add people every day just spend 15 – 30 minutes and add 40-50 new people to your list. And start conversations with them. Most people will not really see who is new in the followers many people dont look, however if you are talking to them, they are more likely to see you and if you are of interest they will follow you as well.

Provide Quality, and you will probably find that things will grow.

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