The WOW effect online

Getting people buying from an online business, while becoming easier in some respects is getting much more difficult in other respects. People are starting to get a lot more picky in who they buy from, purely through the design of the internet, it is no more difficult to check pricing between one or a dozen websites. The same with difficulty to purchase, if one site makes it harder to get through and purchase there is bound to be another selling the same product that makes it easy.

For this reason I find that when working online there is a principle that you really need to consider working to, and i see it as the WOW Principle. Now it is not as simple as you need to wow your customer. But three keys parts to creating your website that should lead to more sales.

W – Website that works
O  – One heck of an offer
W – Write to Close


Having a website is an essential part of an online business, but if you do not have a website that works, you are pretty much dead in the water. By a website that works, i mean the whole cycle.

This is really the basics of a good website, there is a lot that can be done to build on this basic formwork, however it is a good place to start.


Creating an offer that people want to purchase, is not one of the easiest parts. So many different people are potentially your customers, and just about every one will have a different opinion on what a good offer. The most important things to remember when creating your offer though are:-

Creating an offer that works for everyone is almost impossible so you need to create an offer that will work, but not try and make it for everyone. And make it something people just cannot refuse.


One of the most important things to remember when you are selling online through a website is that you do not have the luxury of face to face contact with your customer. When you are face to face you have the ability to question why they don’t buy or for them to ask more questions. When you have a website though this becomes more difficult. Often the only chance you have to make the sale is in what you write about the product, however there some things to increase your chances.

Writing the content to close the sale is important, but also taking these extra steps to make it easier for potential customers to make their decision is important as well.

Selling via the web does have a lot of different challenges, to that of selling face to face in a retail store. However that is one of the aspects that makes it a little more challenging, and requires just a little more in depth ork in the beginning. by working on the WOW effect for your online activities, there is a good chance that you will improve your potential to work through the additional challenges.

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