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What you need to know about your customers

When it comes to sales one of the more important aspects is know your customer. Not just knowing their name but knowing as much information as possible. This is not always an easy task, and it is not always something that you will do from a single interaction with a single customer, but something that […]

More on getting started

Once you have got your mind around where to start, this does not entirely solve the problem of how. To actually get some traction and make things happen, is still something that can be amazingly difficult when looking at a large project. So taking some ideas and working these in together with your preparation to […]

Do Something

There is one thing that i have noticed happens far to often. That is that people spend far to much time waiting for something to happen. I saying this because it is something that happens a lot. Not because it is something that i see but don’t experience. Because i think i experience it just […]