Do you blog for profit or not?

Really the question is did you start blogging with the idea of making money or more with the idea of just something to do. Then past this question the next question is what is you expectation if you are blogging for profit, and how does it compare to what you are actually earning.

This is a really interesting question i believe. I started blogging the idea that it was just something to do to fill my time and make use of the domain name that i already had, Which is this domain. Later on i begun to think more about the potential to make some income from my blog, which was also about the time i decided to start my other blog at ( My thought was more along the lines of lets see what i can do with adding a couple of ads to my sites, see if they will make me any sort of income from the sites.

While i have gone into setting up ads on my sites, as a lets just see how it goes sort of thing. I think that there are people that go in expecting a lot more. What i don’t want to make this article is something that gives false hope, however i don’t want to displace hope either. But the absolute reality is that if you really work hard and are lucky you may start to make some decent money the first year, but you probably are going to take any number of months before you even are paying for your hosting, and expenses in setting up, and it will be much longer before you are actually generating enough to pay yourself more then a basic wage per hour you spend on the site.

The biggest problem i think is that many people believe if someone else can make a large amount of money in the last 12 months then they can make the same pretty quick. This is however quite a wrong approach to use, for a few reasons. 1. You are two completely different people. 2. While you interests and topic may be the same, the way you convey them may not. 3. It is quite likely the person you want to emulate has had at least a 12 month if not 2 or 3 year head start on you.

The problem though still continues in the fashion that while these are all common sense reasons why you are not going to make the same sort of money that someone else has. People still fall for the hope and dream that it will happen a lot sooner then is potentially possible for them. The thought i think must go, they made $100K this year from their site then why cant I. So it goes they see this big number in the sky and say that is where i am going. Then the reality starts to set in, the first month they make maybe a few cents or dollars if they are lucky to make anything.

So it comes to month two and the earning maybe crept up slightly maybe making a few dollars a month, and the time that they are putting in also goes up. Then around comes month three, again the amount of time they have found themselves putting in has gone up but not in proportion to the income, and this is where they start to think along the lines of am i wasting my time. They start to loose interest. The posts become less frequent, and the earnings disappear.

So where does that leave you and me, well it basically leaves us exactly where we are. If profit is not the primary motivation, then you have no problems. If however profit is the motivation, be prepared to hang on. One post of  ten posts, is rarely going to gain you much, even 100 posts is not a sure fire blogging profit machine. Blog profits come from consistent updates, giving new content that is popular, that gets seen and shared and most important that people want to read.

Really with blogging there are no gaurentees, you could write the best posts ever written but unless they are being seen by the people that are most likly to help them reach others then it is mostly going to go no where. However if you write good posts, that get seen by people and shared, then in time things will maybe build up.

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good article. it helped. thanks. my problem is somehow adsense says my site doesnt qualify for ads. am looking for advicers. but ur article s hopeful.

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