Does your success mean you fail

In many ways there are many people that are succeeding every day. They may be doing great at their job, there business may be making the money they want to earn, or they may be achieving personal goals. But even though they are succeeding there is a very pertinent question which arises from this success, does this success ultimately mean to each individual they are also failing in some way.

What i believe becomes a common problem is that even though someone may be achieving something they are not really sure if this is actually success or ultimately failure. The difference is to a fair extent, not much what the person has achieved or gained, bu what the achievement mans to the person who has gained it. Ok so at this point you probably think what the hell am i talking about, so i will try and give an example or two.

The first example is where success in your job can lead to ultimate failure. It basically happens without you even realizing it. At the start you decide that you need to do the best job that you can to ensure that you are seen to be a good worker, and can get things done. One day the position that you have wanted becomes available, and you put your application in thinking they have to give it to me i do such a great job and they know it. Then what happens but the job goes to someone else, not because you were not the best candidate, but because you are so good at your job you are hard to replace.

This sort of failure, may often be followed up by a comment such as find yourself a replacement and you will be considered next time or, something similar that doesn’t really move you forward.

Another example can come from running or operating a business. You start out doing most things yourself, and begin to make a reasonable return. When you look at your business you can see it is making a profit, and the more you work the more profit it makes, but you don’t want to work more. Employing someone to work for you is out of the question, as the return is not that good but you are now caught in a catch 22. You have a business, that is not really a business it is a job. You are stuck making effectively wage, and while you are succeeding at business it is a really a failure. If you work and look to change the business you can potentially turn the situation from failure to success.

So as you can see it can be very easy to succeed and still fail. While it is not always something that you can easily avoid, it is a situation that you really may wish to be aware of, and really look to avoid if at all possible.

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