Twitter requires focus

I have been really getting in and using twitter for 2 or 3 months now. I find that it is a great way to communicate more frequently with an ever growing number of people around the world. I find myself discussing topics with people from all over the world, US, UK, Canada, and many more.

However while twitter is a great platform, many people are more then aware of the limits, following/follower limits, API limits, and the 140 character limit. While these all have their purpose, the 140 character limit is possibly the best of them all. What this limit has done for me has made me think more about what i want to say. It in some respects actually forces me to rethink, using a lot of useless words, and condensing what i have to say.

Another thing that i think this limit helps me with is to not to be to general. When we speak in generalities, we tend to use a lot more words then we really need. Where as when we speak in direct certain terms, we can be a lot more definite, and say things in less words. Just for an example. “I think that i would like to go to the shops tomorrow and consider buying a new T-shirt” can be made a lot more definite, “Tomorrow i will buy a new T-shirt at the shops”. While the second option saves 8 words, and 31 characters, it conveys the point with no real question marks.

Really the point that i want to make is that you often can say much more, in fewer words. And Twitter can help you do this. Yes it will require some effort on your part. But i for one know that when i hit the 140 character limit and want to say more i notice i wasted a lot on words that were not needed.

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