Regaining lost traffic

Over the past few weeks i have noticed that the traffic here has been dropping off. I had a few things going on that did not really give me much time to give a lot of thought, and had just accepted it for the moment.

That was until two days ago when i thought hang on there must be a reason. Maybe it was natural i thought, which i suppose always makes up some part of traffic growth and loss. However this i thought could not be all of it, i was seeing great growth, before and now it was dropping. Then when i stopped to think about it, i realized there was quite a few things i had been doing that i stopped doing.

These were things that are almost common sense when you are blogging and looking to build traffic. They are things that i had blogged about. Things i had read about many times. Tweeted about. Yet for whatever reason i had just stopped doing them. So earlier today i thought i might do a little bit of searching and reading just to rebuild my thoughts on this topic and would share the few links that i have found with you, just as a refresher hopefully so that you to don’t forget you need to do these things.

1. 10 ways to get more blog visitors – This was my first post a month or so ago, about building your traffic, this was the first place i re-read and realized i had stopped doing almost all of the things here. Except for sharing on twitter, but even had scaled that back quite a lot.

2. 45 Link Building Tips to Help you Promote your Blog – This was the next stop i found myself at, a collection of 45 quick tips on Blogussion about link building, some overlap with my post but many are quite good next steps. This post definitely gave me some new ideas.

3. Building Blog Traffic for Newbies – Then through searching Google i found this little gem, yes it includes newbies in the title, but sometimes the simplest things are the things that we most often forget.

All in all, i am going to pick back up with what i was doing and try to include some of the tips and tricks that i have picked up form these other two posts, and look forward to seeing you not forget like i did what we need to be doing.

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