Your Business is not your life

There are many different ways that people work on creating businesses, some will spend every waking hour to make the business work. Others will literally sacrifice everything to try and build a business. What it basically comes down to though is what sort of life are you creating for yourself if you need to sacrifice anything, or spend so much time working that you really have no life.

While it is certainly true that you do have to make some sacrifices if work for an employer. This is based on the idea that they set the job requirements, you need to be in the office, often for at least 38-40 hours, sometimes even more. This inevitably also comes connected with a commute, which generally will add an hour or two on to this time. Then by the time you are home you have cooked dinner, eaten, it is not to far off time to go to bed. This is one of those sacrifices.

Working for yourself can make this situation better or worse, depending on just how you look at the opportunity. For some people this opportunity it something that they take and run with and manage to create a business and a life for themselves. However there is still many people that literally land themselves worse off then when they were working for someone else.

When making the move to a business of your own you need to make some sacrifices. Things like giving up some space to run your business from at home. Or maybe giving up some income while building your business. Or even giving up some of the extras you are use to. But one thing that you should never give up is the separation between working and your life. Just because you are now working from home does not mean you are on duty 24/7.

Take some steps that will help you separate, switch off the computer so you are not tempted to check emails. Switch off your phone and divert it to message bank. Separate your work area from your living area’s if possible. If you find things getting to you take a break.

What it really comes down to is that you need to manage your life into your business and if you find this difficult to do then it maybe more comes down to you need to rethink your business model. Because at the end of the day working for yourself is not about working more it is about working smarter for the full benefit of the rewards of working for yourself.

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