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Planning and Forecasting is Essential

Some people discredit the need for planning, and take the stance that getting in and making a sale or getting started is more important. While to some extent this is true, at some point you need to start planning the future, and forecasting you revenue, expenses, and profits. The difference between running a business and […]

Do you blog for profit or not?

Really the question is did you start blogging with the idea of making money or more with the idea of just something to do. Then past this question the next question is what is you expectation if you are blogging for profit, and how does it compare to what you are actually earning. This is […]

Retain customers for profit

As you are building your business there are many different area’s of customer management that you will come across. Things like lifetime value, cost of acquisition, and a range of other costs or averages that can be very helpful within your business. However one of the most important things to remember, is just how valuable […]